As in Illinois Media Space, you have the ability to add a follow along transcrip to your embedded videos. All embedded player have the ability to display the transcript; however, there are a few requirement:

  • The media embedded must be captioned.
  • The page that the media is embedded on must accept the addition of an html <script> tag.
  • The embedded iframe must have an id attribute with a value matching the following format: kmsembed-{entryId}. Note: A media items entryId may be found in its url it has the format 1_abcdef23. To work with an embedded playlist the playlist's playlistId must be subsituted for the entryId. A playlistId can only be found in the src attribute of a playlist embed code and has the same format as an entryId.

If your embed codes meet the above criteria, you need to add the following <script> tag to all pages that have media that you would like the transcripts to appear on. This tag needs only to be included once per page. It is best placed into the <head> tag, but can be place in the <body> above the first embed code.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>