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Viral History: The Black Death, Spanish Flu, and COVID-19 (Captioned)

This presentation examines the history of the Black Death, Spanish Flu, and COVID-19 to elucidate on how pandemics have shaped global history. Join history researcher Saniya Ghanoui, MA, to learn…

From  Chelsey Byers Gerstenecker on 09/2/2020 26 plays 0  

Illinois ECE Transforms Building for Face Shield Production During Shutdown

URBANA, Ill. -- While campus was empty and eerily quiet during the mandatory COVID-19 shelter-in-place, the buzz of machines echoed in the chambers of the Machine Shop inside the Department of…

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Interview with Mike Mobley of Echo Global Logistics

Teaching Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Director of Supply Chain Management Nehemiah Scott interviews Mike Mobley, Senior Vice President of Operations at Echo Global Logistics…

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COVID-19 Briefing Series: University Life

COVID-19 Briefing Series: University Life

From  Andrew MacGregor on 06/24/2020 307 plays

COVID-19 Briefing Series: SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell

COVID-19 Briefing Series: SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell

From  Andrew MacGregor on 06/16/2020 136 plays

4C - Illinois Mobile App COVID-19 Features Preview - Isaac Galvan, Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

Presenter: Isaac Galvan, Technology ServicesTechnology Service and the Rokwire team have been working together on adding new features to the Illinois app that will help our community stay safe during…

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COVID-19 Briefing - Academics

COVID-19 Briefing - Academics

From  Andrew MacGregor on 06/9/2020 52 plays

COVID-19 Briefing Series - Budget and Finance

COVID-19 Briefing Series- Budget and Finance

From  Andrew MacGregor on 06/5/2020 52 plays

The Power of Detecting Tiny Things: New Approaches in Detecting Cancer and COVID-19

CCIL Research Program Leader, Brian Cunningham, is developing ways to detect molecules and viruses from bodily fluids, a single drop of blood contains a wealth of information, some of which include…

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What does COVID have to do with cancer?

The recent pandemic has not slowed down cancer - every day, 1,500 people will die from this disease and 5,000 individuals will be diagnosed. COVID has impacted access to detection, it has delayed…

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Short Term Guardianship Options During COVID-19 and Beyond

School of Social Work Professor Sandie Kopels speaks about options for short term guardianship of minors in the state of Illinois during the COVID-19 pandemic. …

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