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Richard Starkings :: ARTD 222-Typographic Practice :: TALK

Richard Starkings, a British comic book writer, editor, lettering artist, graphic designer and comic book font designer speaks with our UIUC/GD design students. He shares his thoughts on lettering,…

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Study Art & Design at Illinois: Andrew Harlan

Graphic Design major Andrew Harlan speaks to potential students about his Illinois Experience.

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Looking at Life Through a New Lens

Deana McDonagh reflects on the role of empathy in design, and the importance of giving Illinois design students the "two-percent edge."

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Creativity: Having Ideas & Bringing Them to Be

In a reprise from Faculty Retreat 2017, Bruce Litchfield and Kailin Jahnke introduce a key technique used at the Technology Entrepreneur Center to teach creative thinking.

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Empathy as Insight for Innovation

Andrew Wicklin, a student in the Food Science program at ACES, talks about his experience with the technical challenge in his Product Development course, and explains what he learned about the role…

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An Introduction to Design Thinking

Brief Topic overview to motivate the discussion with Prof. David Weightman in the subsequent videos

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The Data Citizen - New Ways of Being in the World

Geoffrey C. Bowker is professor at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences and Director of the Values in Design Laboratory at the University of California, Irvine. From 1993-1998,…

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Backward Course Design pt1

Jose Vazquez discusses how he implements backwards course design principles in teaching his 100 level economics courses.

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Backward Course Design pt2

Jose Vazquez discusses how he implements backwards course design principles in teaching his 100 level economics courses.

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Dreamweaver CC 2014 - Creating Your First Website

A 3 hour professional development session that introduces new users to Dreamweaver CC 2014 through an exploration of a full-featured, dynamic, interactive web site. New features of Dreamweaver are…

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Webmasters Workshop Web Redesign Panel - Wednesday, March 04, 2015

NOTE: There is not a visual component of this recording. Hear a panel of campus Web pros from WILL, ECE, and University Housing discuss their process for launching redesigned websites. Panelists…

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Madhu Viswanathan

Madhu Viswanathan discusses his course on Sustainable Product and Market Development for Subsistence Market Places and its innovative strategy of virtual immersion.

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Some Helpful Things

Ju Tian, Agricultural & Biological Engineering student, Y.C. Wong, Accountancy student, and Niknaz Iranmanesh, Chemistry student, talk about their experiences with active participation in a…

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Webmaster Workshop - Harnessing the Creative Process

A designer's job is to be creative day in and day out. Sometimes we lack motivation or inspiration, but we still have to do our job. That is why designers have a process we can depend on. This…

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