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The role of Genetics/Epigenetics in the Relationship between Nutrition and Cognitive Aging

The genes you inherit influence almost every aspect of your health and wellness. But, did you know that you could modify this effect with what you eat? Join?neuroscience researcher Mickeal Key for…

From  Herbert Chavez Diaz on 07/22/2020 63 plays 0  

MCB 493-GCD: Genetic Disorders and Counseling

Dr. Stephanie Ceman talks about her new upcoming advanced MCB course: MCB 493-GCD: Genetic Disorders and Counseling

From  Aurora Cruz Torres on 04/20/2020 14 plays 0  

60 Second Science: Justin Rhodes on Studying Mice and Clownfish

Beckman Institute NeoroTech Group member Justin Rhodes presents his research in sixty seconds. His fields of research interests are behavior genetics and neurobiology of motivation and addiction, and…

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