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Gies iMBA Q2-2021 Real Estate Meetup

Topic: Investment in Land

From  Rahul Sethiya on 06/5/2021 34 plays 1  

eLearning Seminar - Student Engagement with Microsoft Teams and Miro

Professor Aimee Barbeau shares how she uses Miro and Microsoft Teams to engage students synchronously and asynchronously.

From  Martin Maurer on 04/2/2021 7 plays 0  


Gies College of Business, iMBA Student Real Estate Quarterly meetup to learn and explore various options for investing in real estate.

From  Rahul Sethiya on 03/14/2021 38 plays 0  


Celebrating Fall 2020 Gies Graduates and there achievement. Fairwell to graduating cohort from the cohort still in program.

From  Rahul Sethiya on 12/21/2020 20 plays 0