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An Exploration of Multimodal Assignments

Presenters: Robert Baird (CITL), Dawn Bohn (FHSN), Rachel Magee (iSchool), David Mussulman (Engineering/iSchool)Summary: Senior Associate Director Robert Baird will moderate a panel discussion on…

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Accessibility, Equity, and UDL: Dos, Don’ts, and Time-Saving Practices

Presenter: Lawrence Angrave (CS) Summary: Students may present a wide range of hidden and non-hidden physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. Lawrence will highlight principles of universal…

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Designing Cooperative Learning Experiences

Have you ever been part of a group learning experience and thought that it was very frustrating? This can happen for a variety of reasons that could come from how the group was structured, how group…

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Developing Your Teaching Presence

Teaching presence strongly impacts the way students build their knowledge in your course. In this session, you will learn how to strategically apply your teaching presence to the critical roles you…

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Lining Up for Success: Coordinating Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

Student learning strategies work best when there is strong alignment with instructor teaching strategies. Explicit attention to Bloom's Taxonomy, by instructors when they use Backward Design and…

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Harnessing the Profound Connection Between Emotion and Learning to Enhance the Success of All Students

Presenter: Shelly Schmidt (FSHN)Summary: Shelly will describe her work on the impactful connections between emotion and learning, and discuss ways to make our college classrooms a safe and authentic…

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Cultivating Online Learning Communities

Learning communities are a powerful way for people to come together to achieve common learning goals. However, fostering conditions that promote an online community for shared learning and knowledge…

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Thinking Creatively about Courses with Labs, Arts, & Fieldwork

The strategies we use for teaching and assessing skills that a physical presence may not easily translate to our new online environment. This workshop will explore creative and strategic approaches…

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Get in the Flow: Promoting Student Engagement in Online Learning

Are you concerned that your students may not be adequately engaged during online learning activities? Being fully engaged 100% of the time is not a realistic expectation, but there are a variety of…

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Effective and Efficient Teaching for Student Success

Presenter: Emily Knox (iSchool) Summary: Teaching is a skill acquired over time, often through the development of tacit knowledge, and can be difficult to articulate. Emily will tease apart this…

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Remote Teaching in Times of COVID-19

COVID-19 presented the university educators with a unique set of academic challenges. Please join the CGS-funded faculty and instructors for a discussion of the issues they faced and the insights…

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Dealing with Challenging Situations in Face-to-Face and Online Classrooms

Disruptive student behaviors can present serious challenges to a positive learning environment. These challenging situations can occur in both face-to-face and online learning contexts. In this…

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Objects and Examples Make Abstract Concepts More Accessible

Kim Sheahan, Assistant Director of Education, Spurlock Museum

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Storytelling Creates Connections for Students

Kim Sheahan, Assistant Director of Education, Spurlock Museum.

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Teaching Using a Fill-in-the-Blank Notebook - In Person and Online

Karle Flanagan, Senior Instructor, Department of Statistics

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Immersion and Engagement: Teaching through Games & Simulations

Presenters: Judith Pintar (iSchool) & Dan Steward (Sociology) Summary: Judith and Dan will discuss the ways they use games to enhance learning, including table top role-playing to teach about…

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Group Projects that Deepen Learning

Presenter: Leon Liebenberg (MechSE) Summary: Concerned by a growing sense of emotional disconnect among his students online, Leon responded by developing a series of scaffolded mini-projects as a…

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Global Studies in Higher Education: Researching and Teaching Global History

Title: Global Studies in Higher Education: Researching and Teaching Global History Panelists: John McNeill Department of History, Georgetown UniversityAntoinette Burton, Department of History,…

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Eco Lunch - Teaching Strategies for Online-Blended-Hybrid Environments

Learning Objectives: By the end of this workshop you will be able to… •Explain your role in student knowledge construction. •Use strategies for productive discussions and group…

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Live Session 6 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Student Engagement

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Live Session Set Up with Zoom

Learn how to set up and configure Zoom meetings for your live classes delivered from home or your office, and how to set up meeting polls and breakout rooms.

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Live Session 5 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Assessing student performance

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Live Session 4 Gies Teaching Academy 2

Course Communication

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Screencasting with Kaltura

Gies eLearning Tech Talk - Screencasting with Kaltura

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