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Creativity: Having Ideas & Bringing Them to Be

Bruce Litchfield, of the Technology Entrepreneur Center, talks about how to bring creativity into the classroom, using various techniques to help students master the skills that foster creative…

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Student-Created ePortfolios for Reflection

Jamie Jones, English, talks about how having students keep journals reflecting on their learning gave students a greater independence from traditional grading criteria and encouraged them to become…

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Collage Journals: The Student Perspective

Thomas Emerson, Chemistry student, talks about creating a collage journal for his chemistry class, and how it helped him master concepts and gain confidence as a learner.

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Conveying Complex Scientific Concepts Through Memes

Roy Dar, Bioengineering, talks about using student-created memes to encourage a greater understanding of complex scientific concepts.

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Problem-based Learning at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Founding Co-Chair of Curriculum for the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine, Dr. Robert Good, introduces a central focus for instruction at the College, problem-based learning (PBL). A sample of…

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Building a Learning Community

Jeffrey Moore on Building a Learning Community

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Peer Review

Jose Vazquez talks about using an effective way to conduct peer reviews to grade open-ended assessment questions.

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i>clicker Questions to Promote Deep Learning and Peer-to-Peer Learning

Jose Vazquez on creating questions and incentives to effectively use i>clickers to stimulate student discussion

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ClassTranscribe - Transforming Lecture Videos into Student-Driven, Student-Owned Learning

Lawrence Angrave, Computer Science instructor, talks about using class transcriptions of lecture videos to inspire "student-owned" learning.

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Teaching Students to Be More Effective and Reflective Learners

Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition, on teaching students effective study practices, using the Louisiana State University's Learning Cycle model.

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Exam Wrappers - A Better Way for Students to Prepare for Exams

Shelly Schmidt, Food Science & Human Nutrition describes exam wrappers - a reflective learning practice that helps students improve their study habits and add value to student assessments.

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From Term Papers to Story Maps: A Richer Expression of Student Learning

Marci Uihlein of the School of Architecture talks about using story maps to create a richer learning experience for students.

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