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December 1, 2022 CAP meeting

Guest speaker Jeffrey Stein, speaking on the Proposed Elimination of the Category of “Academic Staff” and Proposed Changes to Academic Freedom in the Statutes (as initiated by USC ST-83) …

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Jon Hale, The "Propaganda of History," October 13, 2022

The "Propaganda of History:" Conspiracy and Misinformation in our Public Schools Jon Hale, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership; Curriculum & Instruction CAS Initiative on…

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Black United Front Interrupts a Department of African American Studies Freedom Forum - Born Digital Records from the Black Students for Revolution Record Series 41/66/23

Black Students for Revolution Record Series 41/66/23 Black student activist coalition Black United Front interrupts a September 2017 Freedom Forum organized by the Department of African American…

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iSchool Faculty Research Profiles: Assistant Professor Emily Knox

iSchool Assistant Professor Emily Knox discusses how her interest in banned books led to her research in intellectual freedom and censorship.

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