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  • From Andre Schleife

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    Reciprocal Lattice, Empty Lattice Approximation, Bloch Theorem, Nearly Free Electrons, Density of States, Fermi Function
  • From Andre Schleife

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    Basic Quantum Mechanics Reminder, Free Electron Gas, Infinite Well Model, Free Electron Model of a Solid, Crystal Structure and Bravais Lattice
  • From Boswell Hutson

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  • From Susan Muirhead

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    This promotional video describes the Master of Computer Science - Data Science (MCS-DS) degree program from the University of Illinois.
  • From Ryan Smith

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    This is the Gies College of Business promise—to our students, to ourselves, and to the world.
  • From Milind Basole

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    Video introduction the digital textbook system developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.