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23. Visibility graphs

a. Definitions; application to shortest paths b. Rotational sweep at each vertex: O(n^2 log n) time c. Dual interpretation as sweep over line arrangement d. Topological sweep: O(n^2) time e.…

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21. Shortest paths in polygons

a. Setup and motivation b. Structure: polygonal path through reflex vertices c. Greedy improvement d. Crosses any diagonal at most once. e. Sleeve: triangles dual to path in dual tree f. Funnel…

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20. Applications of line arrangements

a. Halfplane discrepancy via vertex levels b. Ham-sandwich theorem via intersecting median levels. c. Open problem: Complexity of median levels / number of halving lines c. Minimum-area triangles via…

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19. Line arrangements

a. Definitions and basic structure b. Motivation via duality: collinearity, angular orders, discrepancy c. Brute-force incremental construction d. The Zone Theorem

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18. Smallest enclosing balls

a. Not LP, but LP enough. b. Existence and uniqueness (via convexity) c. Pivoting lemma d. Welzl's MiniDisk algorithm (≈ Seidel's LP algorithm) e. Other "LP-type" problems

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17. Low-dimensional linear prorgramming

a. Input: halfspaces H and partial basis (planes) B b. Sentinel constraints c. Incremental algorithm d. Correctness: violated constraint must be in the optimal basis e. Worst-case analysis: O(n^d)…

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16. Linear programming

a. Examples: linear classification, star-shaped polygons b. Symbolic formulation: max {c·x | Ax ≤ b} c. Geometric formulation: Lowest point in a convex polyhedron d. No solution: Infeasible…

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15. Power diagrams, anti-Voronoi diagrams, and 3D convex hulls

a. Paraboloid lifting redux: Delaunay triangulation = projection of lower hull of points on paraboloid Voronoi diagram = projection of upper envelope planes tangent to paraboloid upper envelope =…

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14. Randomized incremental analysis

a. Sentinel triangles and symbolic infinite values b. The Delaunay history dag c. History dag analysis

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13. Delaunay triangulations II

a. Local Delaunay = global Delaunay proof b. Lawson's flip algorithm c. Linearization: paraboloid lifting map d. Analysis of Lawson's algorithm: O(n^2) time e. Randomized incremental…

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12'. Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations (redo)

a. Voronoi diagram definitions b. Structural properties of Voronoi diagrams c. Delaunay triangulation definitions d. The in-circle primitive e. Local Delaunay vs. Delaunay (proof next time)

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12. Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations

Oops! I forgot to hit the record button until 55 minutes into the lecture. (a. Voronoi diagram definitions) (b. Structural properties of Voronoi diagrams) (c. Delaunay triangulation definitions) d.…

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11. History dags, point location, and fast triangulation

a. History dag description b. Space analysis: O(n) expected c. Query time analysis: O(log n) expected d. Polygon triangulation: locating vertices by scanning e. Seidel's triangulation algorithm:…

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10. Randomized incremental construction

a. Overview: O(n) expected total update time b. Conflict list description c. Conflict list analysis: O(n log n) expected total update time d. History dag description

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9. Euler's formula: V - E + F = 2

a. Inductive proof (edge deletion) b. Easy consequences c. Analysis of trapezoidal decomposition sweeping d. Randomized incremental construction WARNING: The randomized incremental analysis is…

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8. Planar maps

a. Definitions (planar graphs, planar maps, planar straight-line graphs) b. Adjacency/incidence lists c. PLSGs: half-edges, vertex coordinate, and faces d. Kitty! e. The dual map G* (vertices = F*,…

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7. Elementary polygon algorithms

a. Point in polygon: ray crossing parity b. Winding number: sum of signed ray crossings c. Alexander numbering d. Fast and Loose / The Endless Chain e. Gauss's "shoelace" algorithm for…

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6. Polygon triangulation

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5. Line Segment Intersection II

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4. Line Segment Intersection

a. Line segment intersection problems b. Testing two segments = four orientation tests c. Sweep algorithm intuition d. Sweep status data structure: balanced BST using orientation tests for…

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3. Projective Duality

a. Points are pairs of numbers, but so are lines b. The upper envelope problem c. Merge-envelope d. Select-envelope e. Point-line duality dictionary

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2. More Convex Hulls

a. Review Jarvis March b. Graham's scan (three-penny algorithm) c. General position and 3SUM d. Chan's algorithm ("shatterhull"): Setup e. Finding tangents in O(log n) time f.…

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1. Intro and Convex Hulls

a. Administrivia b. What is computational geometry? c. Example: post office problem d. Example: geometric shortest paths e. Convex hulls: definitions f. Orientation test g. Jarvis march…

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Investigations in Combinatorial Game Theory


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