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One Story: UIUC Ph. D. Student, Byron Juma, Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Meet Byron Juma, a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Ph. D. student in Recreation, Sport & Tourism. Originally from Kenya, Byron has travelled the world in the pursuit of higher…

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Emerging Vector-Borne Plant Diseases DAMA: An opportunity for the One Health Initiative.

Valeria talks about the DAMA protocol, her research into vector-borne pathogens, and how the One Health Initiative will benefit by adopting DAMA. This is all under the umbrella of the Stockholm…

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3C - Endpoint Services Birds of a Feather - Drew Coobs and team - Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

Presenters: Drew Coobs, Technology Services; Gary Bernstein, Technology Services; Beth Shirk, Technology Services; Evan Taylor, Technology Services; Keith Sumlar, Student Affairs Technology; Scott…

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2017 Research Live! 1st Place: Laura Adamovicz - Turtles in Trouble

"Applications of Health Assessment for Conservation" (Comparative Biosciences) #ResearchLIVE #2017ResearchLIVE #UniversityofILLINOIS Laura is a long-term lover of all things…

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President Bill Clinton January 1998 Visit to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

On January 28, President Bill Clinton visited the University of Illinois the day after making his State of the Union address before Congress in Washington, D.C., seven days after the Washington Post…

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Password Manager

This video walks you through setting up recovery options for your password, as well as changing your password

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