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Cultural Memory in the Star Wars Universe | May 6, 2021

Stephanie Halmhofer, Alex Fitzpatrick | "There is Power in the Past: The Politicization of Archaeology and Heritage in the Star Wars Universe"Owen Morawitz & Nick van Buuren |…

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ISAS Virtual Lecture Series: Using Geoarchaeology to Reconstruct Past Landscapes

ISAS Research Geoarchaeologist Caitlin Rankin discusses how geoarchaeology can help model 3D paleo-landscapes at Cahokia Mounds as well as create a paleo-topographic model of the American Bottom…

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The Pools of Cara Blanca

A team of divers, led by University of Illinois anthropology professor Lisa Lucero, begins to survey the pools of Cara Blanca, in central Belize. These water-filled sinkholes in the limestone bedrock…

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