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Mee Seong Im, One-dimensional topological quantum field theories with zero-dimensional defects and finite state automata

Mee Seong Im (United States Naval Academy) presents at the Facets of Noncommutative Geometry conference, hosted at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana on June 11, 2022.

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ECE 484 Lecture 3: Invariance to safety

What are invariants? How are they related to safety? How can we check that a set is an invariant? How to apply these ideas to automata?

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ECE 484 Spring 2022: Lecture 2: Automata, safety requirements, invariance

ECE 484 Spring 2022: Automata, safety requirements, invariance

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ECE 484 Lectures: Lecture 2 (Zoom recording) Automata, executions, Post, reachable states, invariance

Automata, executions, Post, reachable states, invariance

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ECE/CS 584 Composition

Compatibility, I/O interfaces, composition, closure under composition I/O automata, and hybrid I/O automata

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ECE/CS 584 CPS Verification: Abstractions Part 2.

Review of forward simulation relations; Reachability of rational time automata, multi-rate automata, rectangular hybrid automata

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ECE/CS 584 CPS, Timed Automata

Timed automata, clock constraints, region automata

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ECE/CS 584 Lyapunov stability and CPS models

ECE/CS 584 Lyapunov stability and CPS models

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ECE/CS 584 CPS, Embedded System Verification: Lecture 2, Modeling computation

Variables, valuations, automata, transitions, executions, invariance, reachability. Dijkstra's token ring algorithm Self-stabilization

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Safe autonomy (ECE498SM) Lectures

verification; satisfiability

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Safety verification 3.1: Live lecture

Verifying invariance properties; introduction to SMT solvers

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