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Poster: Pediatric Simulation in Preclinical Medical Education Using a High-Fidelity Patient Simulator and Standardized Patient

The role of high-fidelity patient simulators (HFPS) and clinical simulations has been increasingly incorporated into preclinical medical education. The objective of this study was to implement a…

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Performing Pulmonary Function Tests

Demonstration of the performance of spirogram, lung volumes, and DLCO (carbon monoxide diffusion capacity) pulmonary function tests

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SleepTesting, Carle Sleep Laboratory - Dr. Charles Davies

Detailed demonstration of equipment and methods for performing a polysomnogram sleep study - Dr. Charles Davies, Carle Sleep Laboratory

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COPD - Diagnosis and Treatment

This video describes general approaches to diagnosis and treatment of COPD. It pairs with the video COPD - Etiologies and Pathology.

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COPD - Etiologies and Pathology

Describes various entities which cause COPD. This video pairs with the video on COPD, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Interstitial Lung Disease plus Normal Chest CT and PFT's - Take 2

Overview of Interstitial lung diseases plus discussion of normal structures on chest X-ray and chest CT scan

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