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A Gentle Introduction to Images, AI, and Copyright

You've asked an AI generator to create a cat portrait in the style of Picasso, now what? Although sampling the work of others has been a natural part of image creation since humans have…

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Copyright and Privacy Laws A Guide for Volunteers

You know the rules, but sometimes it's hard to explain those communication rules to our volunteers. Receive practical tools to help you explain important marketing requirements, including…

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EXT Comms: Copyright Basics

Copyright laws protect the creators of intellectual property from the unauthorized use of their content. Just because we find something on the internet does not mean we can use it without asking…

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Copyright Chat: Librarian Zoom Q&A

Copyright Librarian Zoom Q&A

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EXT Comms: Copyright Guidelines for Photos, Music, Videos, Graphics

Extension is known for helping the public sort through the avalanche of information and advice available online and providing unbiased, relevant, practical information. Extension educational…

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