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The Importance of Visual Design in Online Courses

When it comes to online courses, beauty is more than skin deep. Studies have shown that the aesthetics of an online course are important factors in motivating students to engage and persist in the…

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MCB 465 Human Metabolic Disease (advanced course video)

Interview with Sayee Anakk regarding her course, MCB 465.

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BIOP 401: Introduction to Biophysics (advanced course video)

Professor Nicholas Wu discusses his course BIOP 401: Introduction to Biophysics

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MCB 314: Introduction to Neurobiology (advanced course video)

Professor Dan Llano discusses his course MCB 314: Introduction to Neurobiology

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MCB 431 - Microbial Physiology

Examines bacterial physiology, including discussions of energetics, regulation of metabolism, and cell structure.

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MCB 424 - Microbial Biochemistry

Examines the biochemical ecology of diverse microbial groups with emphasis on anaerobic systems.

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MCB 436- Global Biosecurity

Designed to provide students with broad coverage of key areas of scientific, legal, social, ethical, and political aspects of biosecurity, emphasizing current problems and research in the areas of…

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MCB 493 EPI - Epigenetics

This course will cover the field of epigenetics that seeks to explain how long-lasting changes in cellular and organismal traits can occur through non-genetic, environmentally responsive mechanisms.…

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MCB 435 - Evolution of Infectious Diseases

Understanding the evolution and ecology of the microbial world is of great importance to human health and the health of our planet. Students will explore the ecology and evolution principles that…

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MCB 428 - Microbial Pathogens Laboratory

Laboratory study of methods of recognition and differentiation, diagnostic tests, and mechanisms of bacterial and viral pathogenesis. Topics include infections of the urinary tract, respiratory…

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MCB 300 - Microbiology

Emphasizes fundamental concepts of microbiology, including nutrition, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, ecology and evolution of microorganisms, and their role in nature, human health and…

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MCB 410 - Developmental Biology, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Survey of molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in development and growth of animals, as well as recent advancement in stem cell and Regenerative medicine research. Topics to be covered include…

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MCB 471 - Cell Structure and Dynamics

Molecular basis of cellular organization focusing on how cells secrete, move, adhere, divide, communicate, and die. Material will emphasize critical analysis of experiments, current controversies and…

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BIOC 440 - Physical Chemistry Principles

One-term course in physical chemistry emphasizing topics most important to students in the biological and agricultural sciences. Not open to students in the specialized curricula in chemistry and…

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MCB 301: Experimental Microbiology

Laboratory emphasizing the fundamentals of microbiology. Topics include growth, isolation, and identification of bacteria; restriction endonuclease analysis of DNA, genetic cloning, and gene…

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MCB 446 - Physical Biochemistry

Physical properties of biological macromolecules, with the emphasis on spectroscopic methods, including UV, visible and FTTR spectroscopies, magnetic resonance techniques as well as X-ray diffraction…

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MCB 317 - Genetics and Genomics

Study of genetics as a discipline, genetic analysis as a tool to understand biology and the role of genome sciences in biology.

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Minor in Sociology

This video goes over the requirements for completing a minor in Sociology.

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BIOC 455: Techniques in Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Introduction to modern methods of experimentation with biochemical experimentation. Lectures and labs on the theory and practices underlying various methods and instrumentation. Includes protein…

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NEUR 414: Brain, Learning and Memory

Dr. Hinman talks about the details of the class.

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MCB 461: Cell & Molecular Neuroscience

Designed as an in-depth foundation course for graduate and undergraduate students with strong neuroscience interests. Covers up-to-date cellular and molecular neurobiology (including basic principles…

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MCB 432: Computing in Molecular Biology

Examination of computational aspects of biology with an emphasis on the relationships between biological questions and their recastings as mathematical or logical problems. Topics are drawn from…

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MCB 413: Endocrinology

Physiology and biochemistry of the endocrine system and its hormones with special reference to vertebrates and to human endocrine disorders.

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Fall 2020 BSIS Course Schedule Update Session

Session provided to BSIS Undergraduate Students about Fall 2020 course updates, including instruction type, course adjustments, and iSchool events and programming.

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