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Intro to MedPrep course, MCB 199 sec MED

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Biological Sciences New Student Orientation

Recording of virtual orientation for new incoming students in Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience at UIUC

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MCB 465 Human Metabolic Disease (advanced course video)

Interview with Sayee Anakk regarding her course, MCB 465.

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BIOP 401: Introduction to Biophysics (advanced course video)

Professor Nicholas Wu discusses his course BIOP 401: Introduction to Biophysics

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Regeneron Internships

Leah Watson, Campus Ambassador for Regeneron, talks about the biotech company and the internship possibilities.

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Regeneron Intellectual Property Info Session

Regeneron Information Session on Internships for Biological & Chemical Sciences undergrads Zoom Recording ID: 86446803208 UUID: bGX+F97uRduDOGA2CFi3Xg== Meeting Time: 2022-10-25 11:16:18pm

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MCB 150 Class Period Friday, September 23, 2022

Recording of class session on 09-23-22

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MCB 314: Introduction to Neurobiology (advanced course video)

Professor Dan Llano discusses his course MCB 314: Introduction to Neurobiology

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Transfer Student Virtual Orientation

New MCB transfer student orientation video

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Quest 3 SP22, Question 7 Explanation

Unpacking question 7 from Quest 3 in SP22

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MCB Career Connections: Physician Assistant

Dr. Mazur is an Associate Professor and Associate Director at the Rosalind Franklin University Physician Assistant (PA) Program with over a decade of experience in clinical practice and academia. He…

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MCB 431 - Microbial Physiology

Examines bacterial physiology, including discussions of energetics, regulation of metabolism, and cell structure.

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MCB 424 - Microbial Biochemistry

Examines the biochemical ecology of diverse microbial groups with emphasis on anaerobic systems.

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Concept Mapping

Using concept mapping to find connections between topics

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MCB 436- Global Biosecurity

Designed to provide students with broad coverage of key areas of scientific, legal, social, ethical, and political aspects of biosecurity, emphasizing current problems and research in the areas of…

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The Storytelling Strategy

The study strategy of explaining what you think you know about a topic

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The Story of MCB

An answer to the question "Why is MCB 150 so detail-oriented?"

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UIC Biomedical Visualization Program Information Session

UIC Biomedical Visualization Program Information Session

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MCB 493: NOS - Neurobiology of the Senses

This course will cover the major functions of the sensory systems and the mechanisms of sensation and perception at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels. In addition, it considers the…

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MCB 408 - Immunology

Introduction to fundamentals of immunology with emphasis on biological application; basic background for understanding immunological responses and techniques applicable to biological research.

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Applying to Graduate School Info Session and Q&A

Are you planning to apply to graduate school or trying to decide? MCB Academic Advisor, Aurora Cruz-Torres, will be providing information about the graduate school application process and will answer…

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MCB Undergraduate Research Workshop - Fall 2021

MCB Undergraduate Research Workshop - Fall 2021

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MCB 292 Experiential Learning in MCB

For more information contact Shawna Naidu at

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School of Molecular and Cellular Biology - Virtual Convocation Spring 2021

School of Molecular and Cellular Biology - Virtual Convocation Spring 2021

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