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MCB 150 Class Period Friday, September 23, 2022

Recording of class session on 09-23-22

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Quest 3 SP22, Question 7 Explanation

Unpacking question 7 from Quest 3 in SP22

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The Storytelling Strategy

The study strategy of explaining what you think you know about a topic

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The Story of MCB

An answer to the question "Why is MCB 150 so detail-oriented?"

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Maintenance Studying

A suggestion for improving performance by doing the academic opposite of cramming, called maintenance studying.

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MCB 150 Video Message - July 17, 2020

Welcome to MCB 150, Fall 2020. This introductory welcome video describes the delivery of the course for the fall semester, subject to change with University, state, and federal policies.

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Transfer student, Abby Garcia, on starting in MCB 150 and Merit Workshop

Transfer student, Abby Garcia, discusses why she chose to retake MCB 150 and participate in Merit Workshop and how this contributed to her success.

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