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Biological Sciences New Student Orientation

Recording of virtual orientation for new incoming students in Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience at UIUC

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Transfer Student Virtual Orientation

New MCB transfer student orientation video

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Concept Mapping

Using concept mapping to find connections between topics

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The Storytelling Strategy

The study strategy of explaining what you think you know about a topic

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The Story of MCB

An answer to the question "Why is MCB 150 so detail-oriented?"

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How to Use the Schedule Generator

Video tutorial on how to use the schedule generator in Self-Service

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Finding Your Time Ticket For Registration

Video Tutorial on how to look up your registration time ticket in Self-Service.

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How to Check for Holds

Video on how to determine if you have holds on your account, which will prevent registration.

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Plan Ahead for Registration

Video demonstrating how to use the Plan Ahead feature in Enterprise Self-Service for Registration.

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MCB 493 VIR- Conversation with Dr. Chris Brooke

Learn about MCB 493 VIR: Virologyfrom the professor himself. Learn about what topics are covered, prerequisite coursework, and how relevant the course is to current scientific research and the field…

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Strategies for Studying Biology

Brad Mehrtens, MCB 150 instructor, shares his tips for sucess in studying in SMCB undergraduate courses.

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