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February 12th 2021 Carwil Bjork-James

Dr. Carwil Bjork-James (Anthropology, Vanderbilt) presents After Evo, A Return to the Grassroots? Understanding Bolivia's New Left Coalition.

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February 15 2021 John Magdaleno

John Magdaleno (Political Science, IESA and UCAB) presents Why Hasn't There Been a Transition to Democracy in Venezuela?: Ten Myths about Transitions to Democracy (presentation in Spanish)

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Muslims and Secularism between History and Glocal Systems of Governance

2017 Joint Area Centers Symposium Badredine Arfi, Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida At a time when democratic forms of governance have overwhelmingly been accepted as best…

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Equality, Fairness, Political Stability

2017 Joint Area Center Symposium Richard Ned Lebow, Professor of International Political Theory at King’s College, London Equality and fairness are the two dominant principles of justice. The…

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