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Dr. Tyra Gross, "Addressing High Maternal Mortality Rates for Black Women: Noting the Significant Need for Black OBGYNs"--Confronting Flexner

Zoom Recording ID: 84554112954 UUID: 4VT/MCsDR5iFeZn+jB6IZw== Meeting Time: 2022-07-07 04:41:52pm

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The Influence of Hedonistic Eating | Springtime Science Series

Why do we eat? It's evident that food provides us with essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body, but, have you wondered if the act of eating is more than that? Do your emotions…

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Springtime Science | The Impact of Cutting Physical Activity Opportunities in Schools

In the past two decades, particularly after the No Child Left Behind Act was passed, many school systems have made cuts to subjects that are not part of regular standardized testing (i.e. arts/music,…

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Springtime Science 2022 - Information Overload: How Being Too Informed is Hurting the Health of the World

We live in a world where most of today's information has become easily accessible and overly shared online. A recent study found that more than 70% of its participants agreed that one must…

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To Your Health! Covid-19 and Government Information

Various U.S. government and international/foreign government agencies are producing information sources that can be used to answer questions you might have about Covid-19 and supplement various…

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GTU Career Conversation: Spatial Epidemiologist Kevin Berg

Gamma Theta Upsilon welcomed alumnus Kevin Berg (MA 2012) back to the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science at U of I to discuss his work as a spatial epidemiologist with the…

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UP 504_Dharavi #Chasing the Virus

This podcast is a part of my academic curriculum for 504 History and Urban Theory where I discuss the health and well-being of a city.Cities are interesting, dynamic, and varied places, but can also…

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Sexual health and prostitution in New Delhi

Objectives of the podcast This is a podcast on the topic of sexual health and prostitution in New Delhi, India. The main objective of this podcast is to shed light on sexual health issues in…

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To Your Health! Animal Outbreak: What we now know about animals and Covid-19

This To Your Health! Lecture is by Erin Kerby, Vet Med Librarian. She will be discussing: Coronaviruses have been present and active in animals for a long time, but what do we know about animals and…

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2021-10-8 - AHS Alumni Awards Ceremony

2021-10-8 - AHS Alumni Awards Ceremony

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Beyond The Gym Floor—Kay Wells

Jamie O'Connor, a teaching associate professor at the University of Illinois, talks with Kay Wells, who teaches at Edison Middle School in Champaign.

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Beyond the Gym Floor–Justin Young

Jamie O'Connor, a teaching associate professor at the University of Illinois, talks with Justin Young of the Gilman School District in Wisconsin.

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C-U Herb Society Meeting October 6, 2021 "Hildegard of Bingen: Her Life and Contributions to Herbal health and Wellness"

Speaker: Erin Hassan Recorded on Oct. 6, 2021 at the Urbana Free Library.

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Beyond the Gym Floor—Annie Picklesimer

Jamie O'Connor, a teaching associate professor at the University of Illinois, talks with Annie Picklesimer of Yankee Ridge Elementary School in Urbana.

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New Carle Illinois Grant to Foster Health Equity Among Chicago Youth

A new grant will help reduce disparities in healthcare through a unique new training program led by Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s Ruby Mendenhall. The programming will create a culture…

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STEM Illinois Communiversity Think and Do Webcast. Mental Health TechUp. Dr. Sadiq Patel

In this webcast installment on mental health disparities and access, we will learn about Dr. Sadiq Patel’s journey from childhood to becoming a teacher, consultant, social worker, and…

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Beyond the Gym Floor, S2, EP13—Jennifer Werner

Jamie O'Connor, a teaching assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois, speaks with Jennifer Werner of Wentzville, Missouri.

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Social and Structural Determinants of Health - 4-12-21

Dr. Richards and Dr. Teran present Social and Structural Determinants of Health.

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RST Promo v9 - Jason Schroeder

RST Promo v9 - Jason Schroeder

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Patty Hudek leads a question and answer session with admitted students

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To Your Health!: Love Your Larynx

To stay healthy, we might exercise, eat a healthy diet, or meditate—but when did you last look into your laryngeal health? This amazing structure helps us lift weights, protect our lungs,…

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Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat: Life is Sweet

Sugar is so delectably good, undeniably satisfying, and lusciously sweet. However, when it comes to health, sugar has a bittersweet reputation. Learn how to identify added and natural sugars in your…

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Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat: Focus on Fiber

Focus on fiber to fight disease! We can all benefit from incorporating more fiber-rich foods into our diet, but most Americans are missing the mark. Not only does a high-fiber diet promote heart…

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Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat: Facts on Fats

Fats provide body fuel, help absorb some nutrients, and add flavors to foods. In this session, we will discuss types of fats and their roles in heart health and explore ways to adapt recipes to be…

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