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Pairing Mode

shows how to put a remote into pairing mode (no sound)

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Name This Tune


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Name This Tune


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Name This Tune


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Neodymium Magnet Field Direction

Using the magnetometer to figure out the direction of the magnetic field produced by your little neodymium magnet.

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Moving Magnet Induces EMF

Moving a magnet up and down in a loop of wire induces an EMF in the wire

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Magnetometer Calibration

Describes how the magnetometer calibration works

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Making A Loop (no sound)

Making A Loop of wire using the E&M kit clipped wires. (no sound)

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This video has no sound. It shows how to set the IOLabRootDir environment in Windows variable to have the IOLab-Workfiles folder created in a specified location rather than the default Documents…

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Finding V1 - V2

Shows how to take repository data of V1 and V2 and create a plot of V1-V2 using Excel.

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Sharing Data Using the Repository

Sharing Data with the Repository

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Zooming and Panning and Analyzing

Zooming and Panning and Analyzing

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Recording and Recalling Data

Recording and Recalling Data

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Getting & Running the IOLab Software

Getting & Running the IOLab Software

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Getting Help

Getting Help With IOLab

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Bounce Time vs Height

calculating bounce time vs height of bounce

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Reminder on Getting Help

How to get help (knowledge base and IOLab office hours)

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Bouncing Pen

Shows how to measure the time between bounces even when they happen very quickly.

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LED Lightbulb

Recording the light intensity from an LED light-bulb

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