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How to Embed Content From Shared Repository

In this video, I will show you how to embed content within a course using the Shared Repository

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Interactive Video Quiz Gradebook in Canvas

This video describes how to create an assignment that uses Kaltura's Interactive Video Quiz's feature and integrates with the Canvas Grade Book.

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How to Embed a Kaltura Media in the Context of a Canvas Course

Kaltura Media is a tool in the Canvas HTML editor for embedding Kaltura content wherever the Editor is available.This video demonstrates how to embed a Kaltura video using rich content editor tool in…

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How to Edit Media

This video demonstratea how to edit media. Please note that you can edit your own media and media you were assigned the co-editor ONLY.Note that your screen might be slightly different due to…

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How to Upload Media

This video demonstrates how to upload a media from "My Media" page. You can learn how to upload a media from your computer, upload a YouTube video and upload a video created with Kaltura…

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How to Use My Media

This video demonstrates how to use “My Media”."My Media" is the media repository of a single user. Every user has a personal, searchable repository for viewing and managing…

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How to Use Course Media Gallery

This video demonstrates how to use Course Media Gallery. The Course Media Gallery is a central location within each course, where users can search or view rich media assigned to the course. Only…

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How To Configure Course Media Gallery

This video demonstrates how to configure course media gallery.Please note, only course's managers or instructors have the option to edit and configure the media gallery.Note that your screen…

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