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Research Live 2023!

Watch our 13 semifinalists share remarkable research in 3 minutes or less. Research Live! is an annual event sponsored by the Graduate College at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that…

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Graduate Careers Exploration Week: Careers in Chemicals & Materials

Join School of Chemical Sciences PhD alumni to hear about their career paths in the Chemicals & Materials Industry Jacob Turner ‘21 @ Henkel Ephraim Gabriel Morado ‘21 @ Dow

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MRL Video Tour

Tour of the MRL Central Research Facilities

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Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy--What is Available at MRL? -- MRL Webinar Series

Dr. Honghui Zhou, MRL This webinar focuses on advanced SEM imaging with instrument functions that are available at MRL but may not be well known to our SEM users. Topics covered will include…

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Soft Materials Characterization: An Instrument Overview -- MRL Webinar Series

Dr. Roddel Remy, Research Scientist, MRL While a plethora of techniques can be used to characterize soft materials, some methods are more commonly associated with the field. This webinar will cover…

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Basics of Atomic Force Microscopy -- MRL Webinar Series

Basics of Atomic Force MicroscopyDr. Kathy Walsh, Senior Research Scientist, Illinois Materials Research Laboratory Atomic force microscopy is a versatile technique for looking at surfaces, an…

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Magnetic Fields Trailer (I-MRSEC web series)

A group of young people discover a strange new material while visiting a research center at the University of Illinois. What happens when they steal it? Watch the trailer for the web episode series…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: SreeKalyan Patiballa - Auxetics Materials & Pizza

When Auxetics materials are stretched, instead of getting thinner they expand and become “like a deep dish pizza.” SreeKalyan designs engineered materials such as compliant mechanisms,…

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Shiwei Zhang, College of William and Mary

Inside materials computation — the many electron problem

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Alejandro Strachan, Purdue University

Molecular dynamics exploration of new materials and phenomena – how can we quantify uncertainties?

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Danny Perez, Los Alamos National Lab

Leveraging massive parallelism to extend atomistic simulation timescales

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Somnath Ghosh, Johns Hopkins University

Spatial and Temporal Multiscale Models for Addressing the Integrated Computational Structure-Materials Engineering Initiative

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Stephen Foiles, Sandia National Lab

Using molecular dynamics to understand the complexity of grain boundaries

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Logan Ward, University of Chicago

Materials Data Facility: A distributed model for the materials data community

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Ryan Elliott, University of Minnesota

OpenKIM: Tested portable interatomic models for molecular and multiscale simulations

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Bill Gropp, Director of NCSA

Opening remarks

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Harley Johnson, Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Welcome remarks

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