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Tour of the MRL Central Research Facilities

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Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy--What is Available at MRL? -- MRL Webinar Series

Dr. Honghui Zhou, MRL This webinar focuses on advanced SEM imaging with instrument functions that are available at MRL but may not be well known to our SEM users. Topics covered will include…

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Soft Materials Characterization: An Instrument Overview -- MRL Webinar Series

Dr. Roddel Remy, Research Scientist, MRL While a plethora of techniques can be used to characterize soft materials, some methods are more commonly associated with the field. This webinar will cover…

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Basics of Atomic Force Microscopy -- MRL Webinar Series

Basics of Atomic Force MicroscopyDr. Kathy Walsh, Senior Research Scientist, Illinois Materials Research Laboratory Atomic force microscopy is a versatile technique for looking at surfaces, an…

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