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CI MED Welcomes Dr. Claudius Conrad

Dr. Claudius Conrad joins Carle Illinois College of Medicine, along with the Cancer Center at Illinois and Carle Health. A surgical oncologist and expert in minimally invasive surgery to treat liver,…

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Physician Innovators at Carle Illinois College of Medicine

We are Physician-Innovators: The future of medicine will be shaped by innovation–new ideas and new discoveries advancing the quality and experience of life. Carle Illinois College of…

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2nd Look -- The Clinical Experience (2023)

This video highlights the many aspects that matriculants to Carle Illinois College of Medicine can expect for their clinical training.

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Dr. Rebecca Lee Smith - COVID-19 Oral Histories

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Lee Smith, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, College of Veterinary Medicine and the Carle Illinois College of Medicine at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.Interview…

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Inaugural Class of 2022 Retrospective Video, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

This video is a compilation of interviews from Carle Illinois College of Medicine's Inaugural class taken in 2018 when the first began medical school. This video was played at the historic…

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Student Innovation Trains Future Clinicians to Safely, Effectively Intubate Patients

A new device developed by two Carle Illinois College of Medicine students is set to help other medical students safely master a common life-saving but difficult-to-learn medical procedure. The…

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Population Resistance and Susceptibility (MA05)

When we consider infectious disease in a population, we have to think about the SIR triangle and about the relationship between susceptible, infected, and resistant members of that population. Dr.…

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New Seizure-monitoring Baseball Cap Innovated by Carle Illinois Students

A new seizure-monitoring baseball cap could help doctors diagnose patients with epilepsy more quickly and comprehensively. The innovation is called Epicap. It uses a small video camera built into the…

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Bionic Knee Device | A Carle Illinois Capstone Innovation from the Class of 2022

A new bionic knee brace designed by two future physician innovators at Carle Illinois College of Medicine could help cerebral palsy (CP) patients overcome muscle stiffness that limits their…

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VSLO & Away Rotations Closing Remarks

Closing remarks and contact information as you prepare for your away rotations.

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Away Planning

The pros and cons of away rotations and how to plan for the number of rotations you should apply to.

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Away Rotation Cost and Financial Support

Understanding the cost of away rotations and what financial options are available.

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Applying for Rotations through VSLO

How to apply for rotations through VSLO including completing My Profile, student document requirements, and home institution document requirements.

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VSLO Access and FERPA Release

Information on when access is granted to VSLO and the requirement to complete a FERPA release. The FERPA release can be accessed at:

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An explanation of common acronyms, initialisms, and terms used when discussing away rotations.

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VSLO & Away Introduction

An introduction to the video series on VSLO and Away Rotations for Carle Illinois students.

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Carle Illinois College of Medicine: We are Physician Innovators

Carle Illinois College of Medicine, the world’s first engineering-based medical school, represents a new concept in the field of healthcare education. Innovation is the cornerstone of our…

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Fall 2021 R.T. Chien Distinguished Lecture - Basal cognition outside the brain: the future of regenerative medicine, AI, and synthetic living machines

A new field is emerging at the intersection of biology, cognitive science, and computer science, which will revolutionize many aspects of our future. Central to this development is a recognition that…

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To Your Health! Animal Outbreak: What we now know about animals and Covid-19

This To Your Health! Lecture is by Erin Kerby, Vet Med Librarian. She will be discussing: Coronaviruses have been present and active in animals for a long time, but what do we know about animals…

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Graphic Medicine: Comics as a Research Tool

MK Czerwiec, RN, MA will discuss the origins, methods, and rationale for the use of comics as a research tool.

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"I "I Shouldn't Be Here" Carle Illinois' Zachary Meade's Story _ With Illinois

Zachary Meade is part of Carle Illinois' Inaugural Class of 2022. This video showcases his story.

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Time is Now at Carle Illinois College of Medicine (edited for website homepage video)

This year reminded all of us just how quickly a world can change. We learned that it’s time to be impatient when it comes to the health of those who matter most. *This version is edited for…

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Innovation: Creating a Better Future at Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Carle Illinois College of Medicine, the world’s first engineering-based medical school, represents a new concept in the field of health care education. Innovation is the cornerstone of our…

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SHIELD and COVID-19 Response: The Power of Innovation and Collaboration at Carle Illinois

This video is a reflection of Carle Illinois College of Medicine's collaborations, contributions, and impact on the COVID-19 response from March 2020 to March 2021. It is told by Carle Illinois…

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