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How Media Works for You

Panel of three faculty from College of Vet Med plus Diana from campus media relations.

From  Will Sander on 03/31/2021 14 plays 0  

Panel: Veterinary Job Interview Advice

Sponsored by ISVMA and Merck; 6 panelists that included small animal, academia, industry, mixed animal, and large animal.

From  Will Sander on 02/25/2021 2 plays 0  

Join the Fight Against Brain Cancer

Cancer Center at Illinois spot focused on the partnership between Paul Hergenrother and Tim Fan that led to the development of PAC-1, a glioblastoma (brain cancer) drug.

From  Jordan Goebig on 02/2/2021 267 plays 0  

Integrating Human and Animal Health

Paul Hergenrother, CCIL Deputy Director, explains the unique pathways his research team has taken with drug discovery at Illinois. Working with dogs and cats, diagnosed with aggressive cancers, are…

From  Jordan Goebig on 06/4/2020 10  0  

Developing Human Cancer Treatments with Help From Our Pets

CCIL Research Program Leader, Tim Fan, discusses how our pet healthcare has accelerated pathways to cancer treatments. CCIL researchers are using comparative oncology which leverages our cats and…

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