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A Few Minutes With Abbie Holland Schmit

Vince Lara speaks with Abbie Holland Schmit, who is working as a project ambassador on a veteran military sexual trauma community engagement project. We discussed why Abbie joined the National Guard,…

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A Few Minutes With Jacob Allen

AHS media relations specialist Vince Lara speaks with Jacob Allen, an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, to discuss his research on how diet, exercise and…

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Illinois ECE Transforms Building for Face Shield Production During Shutdown

URBANA, Ill. -- While campus was empty and eerily quiet during the mandatory COVID-19 shelter-in-place, the buzz of machines echoed in the chambers of the Machine Shop inside the Department of…

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Illinois ECE Graduation 2020 Full Virtual Ceremony

Illinois ECE Class of 2020 Graduates were celebrated during a Virtual Graduation Celebration held over Zoom on May 17, 2020, at 8 p.m. (CST). More than 300 graduates, family members, faculty, and…

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Changing the Way We See Cancer

Stephen Boppart, CCIL Research Program Leader, discusses innovative technology that is being developed by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to monitor, prevent, and treat cancer better, with…

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Integrating Human and Animal Health

Paul Hergenrother, CCIL Deputy Director, explains the unique pathways his research team has taken with drug discovery at Illinois. Working with dogs and cats, diagnosed with aggressive cancers, are…

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Developing Human Cancer Treatments with Help From Our Pets

CCIL Research Program Leader, Tim Fan, discusses how our pet healthcare has accelerated pathways to cancer treatments. CCIL researchers are using comparative oncology which leverages our cats and…

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Model Cancer Systems and How Clinical Trials will be impacted

CCIL Research Program Leader, Brendan Harley, is studying glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Harley's lab, working collaboratively across campus, is developing platforms that are…

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The Power of Detecting Tiny Things: New Approaches in Detecting Cancer and COVID-19

CCIL Research Program Leader, Brian Cunningham, is developing ways to detect molecules and viruses from bodily fluids, a single drop of blood contains a wealth of information, some of which include…

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What does COVID have to do with cancer?

The recent pandemic has not slowed down cancer - every day, 1,500 people will die from this disease and 5,000 individuals will be diagnosed. COVID has impacted access to detection, it has delayed…

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Interview with Prof. Catherine Barnard, University of Cambridge, on the current state of Brexit, 4 Oct 2019

Interview with Professor Catherine Barnard, professor of European Union and Employment Law; Senior Tutor, Trinity College, Cambridge; senior fellow, UK in a Changing Europe. This interview, from the…

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An Interview with Baroness Ruth Deech, Member of Parliament, by Illinois Students

Recorded September 16, 2019 European Union Center, University of Illinois.

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MCB 364: Eukaryotic Cell Biology Laboratory, Conversation with Dr. Lyne Levesque

Learn about MCB 364: Eukaryotic Cell Biology Laboratory from the professor herself. Learn about what topics are covered, prerequisite coursework, and how relevant the course is to current scientific…

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KCH Professor Jake Sosnoff on ESPNCU with Stevie Jay

Stevie Jay invites U of I Applied Health Sciences Professor Jake Sosnoff in to talk about movement and a study on falling more efficiently.

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A Few Minutes With ... Jake Sosnoff

College of Applied Health Sciences media relations specialist Vince Lara spends A Few Minutes With ... Jake Sosnoff, professor in the Kinesiology and Community Health department of AHS. Jake discuss…

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MCB 314: Introduction to Neurobiology, Conversation with Dr. Dan Llano

Learn about MCB 314: Introduction to Neurobiology from the professor himself. Learn about what topics are covered, prerequisite coursework, and how relevant the course is to current scientific…

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60 Second Science: Justin Rhodes on Studying Mice and Clownfish

Beckman Institute NeoroTech Group member Justin Rhodes presents his research in sixty seconds. His fields of research interests are behavior genetics and neurobiology of motivation and addiction, and…

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Tribute to NPRE Prof. Roy Axford - Clipped by Susan Mumm

Alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends of the Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign gathered April 21, 2016, in part to pay…

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Blue Waters

A short documentary about the Blue Waters project, which will build the world's first sustained petascale computational system dedicated to open scientific research. The project will include…

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