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Clinic Tour Fall 2021

A brief tour of the Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Clinic, hosted by graduate students in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science

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Capturing Audiences with Data Visualization Systems and Pre-attentive Features

Data visualization has nearly unlimited potential but is often only as valuable as the story you are able to tell and the audience you can capture to see you story. In this interactive workshop,…

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Preparing for the Virtual ACES + LAS Career Fair: Science Majors

Preparing for the Virtual ACES + LAS Career Fair: Science Majors

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Clip of Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Preserve Like a Pro

Are you planning on preserving your garden’s bounty? This session will cover the pros and cons of canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting your favorite foods. You’ll walk away with a…

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STEM Illinois Communiversity Think and Do Webcast. Mental Health TechUp. Dr. Sadiq Patel

In this webcast installment on mental health disparities and access, we will learn about Dr. Sadiq Patel’s journey from childhood to becoming a teacher, consultant, social worker, and…

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Cultural Memory in the Star Wars Universe | May 6, 2021

Stephanie Halmhofer, Alex Fitzpatrick | "There is Power in the Past: The Politicization of Archaeology and Heritage in the Star Wars Universe"Owen Morawitz & Nick van Buuren |…

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Becoming a Trans Inclusive Library | Classifying Trans People with K. R. Roberto

K.R. Roberto is a trans library researcher and former academic librarian who specialized in cataloging and serials management. He has completed the requirements for the PhD in Library and Information…

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Adventures in Online Programming- Ihssen

iSchool Student Showcase talk by Clarissa Ihssen about online programming during Covid-19

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February 12th 2021 Carwil Bjork-James

Dr. Carwil Bjork-James (Anthropology, Vanderbilt) presents After Evo, A Return to the Grassroots? Understanding Bolivia's New Left Coalition.

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"International Librarianship Discussion with Clara M. Chu" hosted by the ALA@UIUC student chapter

18 March 2021 International Librarianship Discussion with Clara Chu Moderated by Nathan Sonnenschein, co-chair of the International Committee of the ALA student chapter at UIUC and Sylvia Figueroa…

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February 15 2021 John Magdaleno

John Magdaleno (Political Science, IESA and UCAB) presents Why Hasn't There Been a Transition to Democracy in Venezuela?: Ten Myths about Transitions to Democracy (presentation in Spanish)

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1.1.What is a Database? What is a Database Management System?

In this video, you will learn what a database is and what a database management system is.

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To Your Health!: Parsing Trustworthy Food Science and Nutrition Information

This is the video of the To Your Health: Parsing Trustworthy Food Science and Nutrition Information session

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SHS Lecture

Faculty Partnerships in Research and Instruction

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ACT - All COVID Test Pipeline - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Ken Taylor, Technology Services(Captions were autogenerated by Mediaspace. Updates from and human review will be added as time permits.) A review of the AWS pipeline architecture used to…

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Science Virtual Career Fair Prep Session - Fall 2020

Did you know that all of the UIUC career fairs will be virtual this year? The Virtual Career Fair Prep Session for the Sciences will go over what this means for engaging with companies and…

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CS 125 Fall 2020 Lesson 3: Welcome!

Welcome to today's lesson on conditional expressions, conditional statements—the building blocks of computer decision making.

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Master of Sciene in Health Technology

The Master of Science Degree in Health Technology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a unique program. It is a one year professional degree that requires 12 months of an investment on…

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E120 Episode 1.3: Defining Science Fiction??

In this episode I first discuss why we (think we) like definitions so much . . . and then I talk about different definitions of science fiction, offer some questions for consideration, and send you…

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E120 Episode 1.4: An Un-History of Science Fiction

In this episode, I talk about the problem of narrating a single history for science fiction. But I also give you a brief roadmap of some genres and contexts that have helped create science fiction…

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Using Eye Tracking to Study Infant Behavior

Researchers at the Children's Environmental Health Research Center at Illinois use infrared eye tracking to determine if chemicals are negatively impacting children's cognitive development.…

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Timelapse of 9.4 T MRI Scanner Magnet Drop

Contractors delivering a Bruker 9.4 Tesla preclinical animal MRI system at the Beckman Institute on June 25, 2020. Read more here...

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Jen Heemstra: Why Success is More Likely When You're Willing to Fail (Lecture)

Jen Heemstra explains why success is more likely when you’re willing to fail. Heemstra, a chemical and engineering news columnist and associate professor of chemistry at Emory University,…

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Sex Change in the Brains of Clownfish

Neuroscientist Justin Rhodes examines how clownfish brains change from male to female.

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