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EXT Comms: Creating Accessible PDFs

Images, headings, color contrast. These elements are important to consider when creating a document. Liz Smith and Adena Wilson will review the most important elements of creating accessible…

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EXT Comms: Writing Emails People Will Read

One-third of all work emails that require attention go unread. Only 5% of readers make it to the end of an email, so all the things you think people are learning; they're not. The average reader…

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EXT Comms: Deciphering Webtools Reports

The Report tab in Webtools holds secrets that will improve your audience engagement. Understanding how (or if) your clients are engaging with your emails and e-newsletters allows you to do more of…

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EXT Comms Gathering and Writing Stories for Unit Annual Reports

Learn strategies for organizing content and writing stories for the annual reports.

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EXT Comms: 2022 Unit Annual Report Process

Learn the deadlines, process, and toolkit resources for this year's Extension unit annual reports

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EXT Comms: Extension Translation Services

Illinois Extension strives to serve diverse populations in our communities, including those with Limited English Proficiencies who do not speak English as their primary language and may have limited…

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The Future Prospects of Science (CAS 30th Annual Lecture)

The Future Prospects of ScienceCenter for Advanced Study 30th Annual LectureMartin Gruebele, CAS Professor of Chemistry October 17, 2022Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum

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EXT Comms: When to Use Opt-Out vs. Unsubscribe in Group Manager

Extension has specific use cases which favor using the opt-out function of Webtools Group Manager instead of unsubscribe. Review the benefits of both.

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EXT Comms: Take Action Based on Your Website Analytics

Learn how to read Extension's website analytics dashboard to learn how many people are visiting your webpages, how they found you, and how long they stayed on each page. Then learn tips for…

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EXT Comms Design Awesome Event Flyers

Not many of us are designers by trade, yet our daily tasks may require us to do design work. Matt Wiley and Liz Smith will give you the basics of designing flyers that capture attention and drive…

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EXT MarCom: Changing Landscape of Videos on Social Media

Erin Knowles reviews the 20-year history of how videos have changed on social media. She offers practical solutions and best practices for Extension staff to capitalize on the overwhelming interest…

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EXT Comms: Branding Hiccups and How to Fix Them

You have more to do than figure out which Block I goes on what color background. Matt Wiley provides a simple review of the branding requirement, including first look at the new campus…

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EXT Comms: Using QR Codes

QR codes have specific uses.

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Wednesday Wake Up

Trailer of upcoming attractions for communication training from Extension

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AHS PIE Training No. 1

Melissa Waller presents an introduction to editing websites on the Publish dot Illinois dot edu content management system.

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RST 485 Promo Video-Cosmopolitan Events

RST 485 Promo Video-Cosmopolitan Events

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SU 22 Illinois Athletic Camps-Internship

Illinois Summer Camps

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Maggie Daley and Lakeshore Sport and Fitness

Maggie Daley and Lakeshore Sport and Fitness

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RST 150 Promotional video Renata Endres_BASE_II

Course promotion for RST 150: Foundations of Tourism

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WAND-Warrior-Scholar Project

Military service members are finding a bridge from the battlefield to the classroom, thanks to the Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP). The nonprofit organization maximizes educational opportunities for…

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WAND-Fragile X coverage

SHS Associate Professor Laura Mattie talks about the importance of World Fragile X day.

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Adding Photos on Extension Drupal Websites

Follow these simple steps when uploading photos on Extension's websites. Learn how to work around the photo caption glitch.

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EXT Comms: How to Make a QR code

Learn how to make a QR Code using either Webtools or Canva. Download the guide on when to use and when not to use a QR Code.

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EXT Comms: Understanding What Makes People Take Action

We'll explore how people make "purchasing" decisions. There are two basic reasons people fail to act, according to Annie Niemand, research director for the University of Florida's…

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