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Privacy, Analytics & Web Development

Description: Developing beautiful and easy to use websites and mobile applications oftentimes requires iterative development based upon user engagement and feedback. Additionally, some…

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EXT Comms: Take Action Based on Your Website Analytics

Learn how to read Extension's website analytics dashboard to learn how many people are visiting your webpages, how they found you, and how long they stayed on each page. Then learn tips for…

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Meet instructor Unnati Narang

Asst. Professor of Marketing, Unnati Narang, introduces herself to student taking data analytics courses.

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1A - DATAOPS and Advanced Analytics at the University of Illinois System - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Ashley Hallock, AITSAbout a two years ago, the University System began a new analytics adventure. We would like to talk about how we have found success and continue to grow with a very…

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Understanding Entry Analytics

In this video, I will demonstrate how to a better understand MediaSpace or Kaltura Application Framework extension Entry Analytics.

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EXT Comms: How to Access Website Analytics

In 2020, 9 million users viewed 12.5 million Illinois Extension web pages. How did your unit website do? Two new Extension IT tools allow every staff person to gain critical information about the…

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ISE Information Day: Data Analytics

This video contains a brief description of the Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering's undergraduate majors and student opportunities by Associate Director Heidi Craddock…

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5A - All Your Logs in one Analytics and Automation Platform: Splunk @ Illinois - Jim King, David Lewis, Ryan Thomas, Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

This is a formal introduction and invitation to all IT professionals at Illinois to learn about Splunk as a service. We will present how Splunk fits into the overall security portfolio of the…

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Business Analytics Capstone - Ashish Khandelwal - Course Overview

Ashish Khandelwal gives a brief overview of the course Business Analytics Capstone.

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Business Analytics Capstone - Ashish Khandelwal - Webinar Answers

Ashish Khandelwal answers questions that were not answered during the webinar for the course Business Analytics Capstone.

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Understanding MediaSpace Analyltics Reports

In this video we will assist you on better understanding how to use the Entry Analytics via Mediaspce

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Web Workshop: Social Media Analytics

This workshop will review the available and upcoming tools for social media analytics available to campus and how you can leverage this data. Questions Q: Where can people sign up to use…

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Lessons Learned From Teaching Social Media Analytics

After teaching an undergraduate course to mostly communication focused majors (advertising, journalism, communication, etc.), I’ve learned many lessons as to what is seemingly most helpful for…

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