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Data Privacy Seminar Series: Michele Gilman

“Data-Centric Technologies and the Construction of Class”Michele Gilman, University of Baltimore School of LawThis talk explores the ways in which data-centric technologies are producing…

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Graduate Careers Exploration Week: Careers in Data Science

Join School of Chemical Sciences alumni to hear about their career paths in Data Science

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Data Privacy Seminar Series: Anita Allen

"Privacy Law and Race Equity"Professor Anita Allen, University of Pennsylvania In the opening decades of the 21st century popular online platforms rapidly transformed the world. These…

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Illinois GIS Day 2021: Machine Learning for Climate and Environmental Sciences: Advances and Challenges

Dr. Arindam Banerjee, Founder Professor, Department of Computer Science, the University of Illinois, delivered the keynote address at Illinois GIS Day on 17 November, 2021. Vast amounts of spatially…

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Illinois GIS Day 2020: Martin Mendez-Costabel, Bayer Crop Science

Dr. Martin Mendez-Costabel, Geospatial Data Asset Team Lead at Bayer Crop Science delivered the keynote address at virtual Illinois GIS Day on 18 November 2020. Dr. Costabel holds an agronomy degree…

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MAXQDA - Automatically code text data by keyword searching

This video shows an example of how to use the Text Search and Autocode feature in MAXQDA 2022 to identify all instances of a key term across documents and tag all instances with a new code.

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Taguette: Coding with a new tag

This video shows how to select text in a Taguette project, create a new tag, and apply the tag to the selected text. Full text I'm in a Taguette project and I'm looking at a transcript…

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Locating Articles that Use Qualitative Data Analysis Software or Methods

In this video, you see a demonstration of how to search the Education Full Text database for articles that mention one of three qualitative data analysis software tools in the abstract.

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WB4 - Big Data A Tale of Researcher Experiences - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

Recently, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was one of twenty institutions participating in a Supporting Big Data Research Study. The study was organized by Ithaka S+R , a not for profit…

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ECE/CS 584 Initialized rectangular HA, practical reachability, data structures

ECE/CS 584 Initialized rectangular HA, practical reachability, data structures

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WB2 - Creating Communities to Drive forward Data as an Asset - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

We presented a vision for a future with data as an asset at the Spring ITPF and now we'd like to form a few communities of practice to help make that vision a reality. Please brainstorm with us…

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WB1 - Orphans, Rogues, and Sprawl - Managing Cloud Information and Data - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

Tips & Hints for Sanitizing your Virtual office Data Footprint. Practical advice for: - What is Information Sprawl and what should I do with it? - I stored University Data on my Personal PC, now…

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C4 - The future of data and analytics technologies for the University of Illinois - Fall 2021 IT Pro Forum

You want data! You need data! And the way you work with data is evolving. The tools you use, need to evolve with you. AITS and your peers are building the roadmap for the next generation of data…

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Work Secure Episode 4: Data Misconceptions and More

Phil Reiter, the Associate Director of Privacy, returns to talk about common misconceptions around online data collection and privacy-related questions to ask before you start using a new app or…

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Work Secure Episode 3: Privacy Primer

Join host Dana Mancuso for a discussion with Phil Reiter, Associate Director of Privacy, about what data privacy is, why we should care about it, and how it’s protected by laws and university…

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Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo - Savvy Researcher - Fall 2021

Recording of Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo. Part of the Savvy Researcher workshop series.

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Capturing Audiences with Data Visualization Systems and Pre-attentive Features

Data visualization has nearly unlimited potential but is often only as valuable as the story you are able to tell and the audience you can capture to see you story. In this interactive workshop,…

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IT Pro Forum: Serverless in the Cloud : A Cost Perspective Session

Presented by: Ken Taylor, University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignThis talk will examine the cost of serverless technologies in the cloud based on the lessons learned from the COVID data…

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6A - Data Ecosystem Birds of a Feather - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Facilitated by Mary Stevens, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Tracy Smith; Joe Barnes; Phil ReiterCompanion to Transforming data into an asset. This is intended to provide a space for more…

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5A - Transforming data into an asset - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Mary Stevens, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Tracy Smith, Technology Sevices; Joe Barnes; Phil ReiterData can be a valuable asset for any organization. There are challenges…

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3A - Data Analysis Panel Discussion - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presnted by: Ashley Hallock, AITS, and panelists Join us as we bring together Data Professionals who have excellent skills in Analysis. We are hoping to have a conversation around data challenges,…

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ISE Information Day: Data Analytics

This video contains a brief description of the Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering's undergraduate majors and student opportunities by Associate Director Heidi Craddock…

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Proctoring and Privacy - Dave Mussulman and Olivia Arnold

Gain insight from teaching and learning experts about what we can do to improve privacy protections and support online learning.

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Privacy and Research Human Subjects - Dr Anita Balgopal

Privacy and Research - Considerations for Human Subjects Research Anita Balgopal, PhD Confidentiality and privacy are important aspects of ethical human subjects research. This talk will…

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