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MAXQDA - Automatically code text data by keyword searching

This video shows an example of how to use the Text Search and Autocode feature in MAXQDA 2022 to identify all instances of a key term across documents and tag all instances with a new code.

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Taguette: Coding with a new tag

This video shows how to select text in a Taguette project, create a new tag, and apply the tag to the selected text. Full text I'm in a Taguette project and I'm looking at a transcript…

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Locating Articles that Use Qualitative Data Analysis Software or Methods

In this video, you see a demonstration of how to search the Education Full Text database for articles that mention one of three qualitative data analysis software tools in the abstract.

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Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo - Savvy Researcher - Fall 2021

Recording of Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo. Part of the Savvy Researcher workshop series.

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3A - Data Analysis Panel Discussion - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presnted by: Ashley Hallock, AITS, and panelists Join us as we bring together Data Professionals who have excellent skills in Analysis. We are hoping to have a conversation around data challenges,…

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