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Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti - Savvy Researcher - Fall 2022

This is a recording of the Fall 2022 Savvy Researcher workshop on using Atlas.ti for qualitative data analysis. Slides from the workshop are also available online.

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Qualitative Analysis with MAXQDA - Savvy Researcher - Fall 2022

This is a recording of the Fall 2022 Savvy Researcher workshop on qualitative data analysis with the MAXQDA program, taught by Jess Hagman, Social Sciences Research Librarian. The slides for this…

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ARIA: What's in a Name?

"ARIA: What's in a Name?"Abstract: ARIA, or Accessible Rich Internet Applications, can be an overwhelming topic at first. By learning some basics of the standard, as well as some…

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So You Want to Start a Podcast?

Vince Lara-Cinisomo, producer of the AHS podcast "A Few Minutes With," will give a brief overview of the logistics, mechanics and reasons why doing a podcast might work for your…

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Design Bites + Introducing Billy Almon!

Introducing Billy Almon! Billy is an Astrobiofuturist, exploring biology-inspired solutions to improve the human condition for those of us on earth and those who will travel to the stars. He speaks…

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Design Bites + Billy Almon + Conversation

Join us as we talk to Billy Almon about Biomimicry.

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Incomprehension Workshop, presented by Ann Morgan

Incomprehension Workshop, presented by Ann Morgan Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 10:00-11:30 am Central Time CHICAGO | 4:00-5.30 pm LONDON Ann Morgan, the 26th Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecturer…

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Engineering Change in Libraries - Workshop on Propaganda Session 1

Workshop on Propaganda: March 1, 2022; 4:00-5:30 pm CT session 1| April 5, 4:00-5:30 pm CT open consultation | May 3, 4:00-5:30 pm CT session 2 Join us for the second Engineering Change in Libraries…

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Workshop on Microsoft Sway

Workshop on the Microsoft Sway online application. This tutorial explains how to use sway and get started on making a presentation.

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Supporting Web Standards Across Campus

Workshop Description: Hear about the Web Implementation Guidelines Group at Illinois and how you can take advantage of their work to help your web building faster and easier. Also learn about how…

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Eating Your Own Dog Food: My Work on the Web Toolkit

Eating Your Own Dog Food: My Work on the Web Toolkit Workshop description: We all have the same concerns when introducing a new toolkit into our existing websites. Will I be able to tweak how it…

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Thesis Workshop: Strategies for Writing your Thesis - October 25, 2021

Workshop presented by the Graduate College

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Capturing Audiences with Data Visualization Systems and Pre-attentive Features

Data visualization has nearly unlimited potential but is often only as valuable as the story you are able to tell and the audience you can capture to see you story. In this interactive workshop,…

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Planning Qualitative Data Analysis - Savvy Researcher - Fall 2021

Workshop presentation recording Planning Qualitative Data Analysis Slides available at: Presented by Jess Hagman, Social Sciences…

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1W - Introduction to Tableau Workshop - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Tara Sadler, AITS; Trevor Jennings, AITS; Michael Cervone, Technology Services This session is targeted for people who haven't used Tableau before or very little. It is designed to…

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A Saga of Your Very Own: Digital Storytelling with Twine | May 5, 2021

In this workshop, participants used Twine, a user-friendly but robust hypertext storyboarding-cum-game-design tool, to create digital narratives in the vein of early Choose Your Own Adventure-style…

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Pre-Career Fair Prep Workshop

Pre-Career Fair Prep Workshop

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Zoom as a Production Tool

Recorded on 2/24/2021 | From holiday “get togethers” to work meetings, everyone is on Zoom all the time. It’s one of the easiest ways to connect with people these days, but…

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Accessibility Tools & Resources for IT Pros (Workshop) - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Allison Payne, IT Partners @ Gies College of Business; Keith Hays, Ofc of Access & Equity; Ann Fredricksen, DRES; Mark McCarthy, AITS(Captions were autogenerated by Mediaspace. Updates from…

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What Luke Skywalker and Yoda have to do with marketing strategy

DESCRIPTION: When it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy, it’s important to not only tell the right stories, but also to frame them in the right way. Kristin Tennant, Copywriting…

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Erica Hamlink Internship/Job Search Workshop

Sociology senior Erica Hamlink provides thorough and insightful information for students who are planning to conduct a job or internship search.

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Asking for a Letter of Recommendation Workshop

Letters of recommendation and/or references are required for multiple internships, jobs, graduate school and professional programs. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know how to approach your…

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Drainage Law

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Coordinate Reference Systems

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