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The Importance of Visual Design in Online Courses

When it comes to online courses, beauty is more than skin deep. Studies have shown that the aesthetics of an online course are important factors in motivating students to engage and persist in the…

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Demonstrations of Research on Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT

We invite you to respond to this video from the Research Demo Panel Event Page. This panel, the second in our ChatGPT Research series, was organized to offer our audiences the opportunity to hear…

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Impact of ChatGPT on the Research of Teaching & Learning.mp4

We invite you to respond to this video from the Panel Event Page. The College of Education organized this panel to discuss recent progress in ChatGPT, particularly how it impacts the research of…

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What's Next

What's Next

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How to Coordinate Action

How to Coordinate Action

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How to Explore Possibilities

How to Explore Possibilities

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How to Understand Needs

How to Understand Needs

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How to Work Strategically

How to Work Strategically

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How to Navigate Ambiguity

How to Navigate Ambiguity

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Tackling the Messy Problem of Career Exploration with Design Thinking

This video introduces Design Thinking, one helpful approach to understanding the messy problem of career exploration. (Created by LAS Career Services)

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Coalescing Currents Mural Launch at SCD

On Monday October 24th we held the official launch and reception of Siebel Center for Design's gallery mural "Coalescing Currents" featuring the work of Dr. Juan Salamanca, in…

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A Virtual Performance of “Rule N° 5”: Exploring the Library through Sound

This performance by Ashley R. Maynor and Amanda Belantara was part of the DH + BH: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Humanities and Book History hosted by the Digital Cultural Studies…

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ARIA: What's in a Name?

"ARIA: What's in a Name?"Abstract: ARIA, or Accessible Rich Internet Applications, can be an overwhelming topic at first. By learning some basics of the standard, as well as some…

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EXT Comms Design Awesome Event Flyers

Not many of us are designers by trade, yet our daily tasks may require us to do design work. Matt Wiley and Liz Smith will give you the basics of designing flyers that capture attention and drive…

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EXT Comms: Branding Hiccups and How to Fix Them

You have more to do than figure out which Block I goes on what color background. Matt Wiley provides a simple review of the branding requirement, including first look at the new campus…

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IL SCOERs: Instructional Design and OER 7_27_22

Now that you understand the basics of Instructional Design, Computing Assisted Instruction Specialist Emily Boles will take you through the benefits of incorporating instructional design…

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Il SCOERs Instructional Design_Basics_070722

As part of the Illinois SCOERs grant received from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education from the U.S. Dept. of Education, CARLI presents Emily Boles from University of Illinois…

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Design Bites + Introducing Billy Almon!

Introducing Billy Almon! Billy is an Astrobiofuturist, exploring biology-inspired solutions to improve the human condition for those of us on earth and those who will travel to the stars. He speaks…

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Design Bites + Billy Almon + Conversation

Join us as we talk to Billy Almon about Biomimicry.

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EXT Comms: Brand Standards and Canva Templates

A clear brand identity includes a consistent visual representation of your organization. Extension carries the primary branding of University of Illinois. Learn how to use the correct version,…

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Supporting Web Standards Across Campus

Workshop Description: Hear about the Web Implementation Guidelines Group at Illinois and how you can take advantage of their work to help your web building faster and easier. Also learn about how…

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Scott Weiss - Oct 20, 2021: How can human-centered design solve systemic social challenges?

Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, Scott Weiss, showcases examples of how human-centered design, creative cross-sector partnerships, and customer experience initiatives are catalyzing…

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Make Good Art featuring Lisa Dixon

College of Fine and Applied Arts

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2B - Delivering Consistent Web Design Templates Across Multiple Platforms - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Nate Baxley, College of LAS; Laura Hayden, College of Engineering; Matt Sharkey, Office of Strategic Marketing & Branding; Melissa Waller, College of Agricultural, Consumer and…

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