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10 reasons why Airtable is your MVC—Most Valuable Coworker

Whether you’re drafting social media content for approval from your team or building out an end-of-year report, Airtable can help organize projects from creation to completion. In this…

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Not With a Bang But a Tweet: Democracy, Culture Wars, and the Memeification of T.S. Eliot

This invited lecture by Melanie Walsh and Anna Preus was sponsored by the HRI Research Cluster on the Social Lives of Digitized Culture. T.S. Eliot concluded his poem "The Hollow Men" with…

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The Use Of Social Media With Its Impact On Mental Health

Here I will like to take the time to talk about the Effects Of Social media.

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Data Vs. Gut: A Holistic Approach to Data-Driven Decision-Making

Workshop description: If you are a content creator looking to improve your engagement on social and digital platforms and want to understand how data-driven decision-making can help you reach your…

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EXT MarCom: Changing Landscape of Videos on Social Media

Erin Knowles reviews the 20-year history of how videos have changed on social media. She offers practical solutions and best practices for Extension staff to capitalize on the overwhelming interest…

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Global Platforms and Infrastructures

Digital platforms are so pervasive in our everyday life to the point that it becomes no longer meaningful to separate our lives from them. How do they shape our everyday life, cultural industry,…

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EXT Comms: Livestreaming Best Practices

Is your next educational program appropriate for livestreaming? Do you have the equipment, bandwidth, and know-how to livestream? Erin Knowles, Extension social media coordinator, and Wil Bingman,…

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Prepare to Face the Media and Learn to Create Buzz

Abstract: Lex Tate, Jean McDonald and Nancy Benson discuss how you can better know your audience, move from an author to an expert, give good sound bites and quotes and make savvy use of social media…

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Prepare to Face the Media and Learn to Create Buzz

Abstract: Lex Tate, Jean McDonald and Nancy Benson discuss how you can better know your audience, move from an author to an expert, give good sound bites and quotes and make savvy use of social media…

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Social Strategy: WeChat & Weibo - Wednesday, October 16, 2019 3 PM

WeChat and Weibo are two of the most popular social media platforms in China. In this presentation, Marta Schneider and August Schiess will talk about why we invest in these platforms, the Illinois…

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Web Workshop - Who Said Journalism is Dead?

Who Said Journalism is Dead?: Using traditional journalism approaches to translate research into a consumable format and disseminate on social media Taking an “old school” journalism…

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Web Workshop - The Social Media Macroscope

The Social Media Macroscope was developed right here at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign by experts in data analytics and information science. This research tools allows those with an…

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Web Workshop: Social Media Analytics

This workshop will review the available and upcoming tools for social media analytics available to campus and how you can leverage this data. Questions Q: Where can people sign up to use…

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I24 International News Guest Appearance on Clear Cut News Program and Segment on G-7 and Extremists

I was asked to speak on the latest decision by G7 to take steps to deter the spread of Extremist messages via the Internet and Social Media and the challenges that will have to be addressed. October…

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Armando Sanchez-Monsivais WS.V2

Armando Sanchez-Monsivais describes his experience working with U of I WebStore.

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Lessons Learned From Teaching Social Media Analytics

After teaching an undergraduate course to mostly communication focused majors (advertising, journalism, communication, etc.), I’ve learned many lessons as to what is seemingly most helpful…

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It's a Snap: How Illinois Reaches Students on Snapchat

Learn how to leverage Snapchat to connect with prospective and current students through the campus Snapchat account (@uofillinois), as well as best practices for creating Snapchat stories and…

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4 Secrets to Digital Storytelling for Social Media Success

(Note: Video begins at 35 seconds in.) Want to become inspired as a “Social Media Storyteller” to share feel-good stories about University faculty and students? Founder and social media…

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Does it Pay to Pay?

What’s the return on investment when you pay to promote on Facebook? Steve Wald will share insights from University of Illinois Extension’s social media portfolio and recent experiments…

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Seeking Social Engagements: Strategies for Organic Responses

This workshop will discuss the overlap of social media and SEO, and briefly discuss how to build a cohesive inbound strategy that drives organic traffic across both search and social channels. …

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Data Privacy Day 2016 - Data Privacy in Social Media

Nick Vance, from the Social Media Analytics team at Technology Services, and Detective Rob Murphy from UIPD discuss how your data is used in and across companies and social media. TRANSCRIPT:…

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Social Media Analytics for All

In this Spring 2016 Social Media Workshop, Joe Yun and Nick Vance will explain how you can use the campus social media listening service, Crimson Hexagon, to better understand your accounts, your…

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