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SHIELD Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) - COVID-19 Oral Histories

AJ Lavender, Director of Project Management, SHIELD Illinois.Christina Molitor, Lab IT and Operations, SHIELD Illinois.Tanya Williamson, Collection Site Project Manager, SHIELD Illinois. Note: All…

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Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams Training

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ACES - Zoom Advanced training

This training covers the topic of Advanced features of Zoom.Polling (10 minutes) Zoom Annotation with Screenshare (5 minutes) Breakout rooms (5 minutes) Waiting Rooms (5 minutes) Auto-caption (2…

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5A - All Your Logs in one Analytics and Automation Platform: Splunk @ Illinois - Jim King, David Lewis, Ryan Thomas, Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

This is a formal introduction and invitation to all IT professionals at Illinois to learn about Splunk as a service. We will present how Splunk fits into the overall security portfolio of the…

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4D - Putting the Security in SecDevOps - Edward Delaport, David Riddle, Michelle Pitcel, Zachary Carrington, Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

We will walk through a high level overview of the ways a DevOps pipeline can make your work day better and while making your products secure - even if the product is from a vendor!

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Advanced Munki Training

This training provides an advanced overview of Munki and Multi-Tenant Munki, a macOS endpoint management tool provided by Endpoint Services. Topics include a review of concepts from the basic…

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Lunch and Learn: Box New Features and Best Practices

U of I Box is a cloud content platform with many powerful collaboration features. With Box, you can share content with anyone, quickly and easily. We will explore new features in Box and share best…

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Basic Munki Training

This training provides a basic overview of Munki and Multi-Tenant Munki, a macOS endpoint management tool provided by Endpoint Services. The PowerPoint and Q&A from the session are available for…

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Intro video to 2FA project by having a little fun with the it takes 2 concept.

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Leveraging Tech Services for Bio Imaging Research

The Bio Imaging Lab at Beckman Institute decreased their processing time from over 260 days to just a few hours by leveraging Amazon Web Services at Illinois, provided by Technology Services. This is…

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Data Privacy Day 2016 - Data Privacy in Social Media

Nick Vance, from the Social Media Analytics team at Technology Services, and Detective Rob Murphy from UIPD discuss how your data is used in and across companies and social media. TRANSCRIPT:…

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