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Lunch and Learn: Box New Features and Best Practices

U of I Box is a cloud content platform with many powerful collaboration features. With Box, you can share content with anyone, quickly and easily. We will explore new features in Box and share best…

From  Isaac Galvan on 02/24/2020 11 plays 0  

Lesson 1: Python and Box SDK cloud storage API + machine learning = endless possibilitiesIn this lesson, we will:Start the Python command line Install…

From  Isaac Galvan on 11/21/2019 371 plays 0  

Lesson 2: Writing an Admin Script The first things collaborators see is a folder's name. Include a reminder that this data is sensitive or only…

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Lesson 3: Metadata in Box

From Wikipedia: Metadata: Metadata is "data that provides information about other data". In short, it's data about data.Here are some examples of some types of metadata on some…

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Lesson 4: Machine Learning with Python

In this lesson, we will: install the ImageAI image recognition package apply computer vision process on random photos explore the results and brainstorm

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Full Session - Automating Cloud Content Management and Processing with Box and Python

Don't let your cloud data storage be out of reach! With over a terabyte uploaded daily, U of I Box is easy to upload to, but difficult to master. In this workshop, you'll learn to manage…

From  Isaac Galvan on 11/8/2019 33 plays 0  

Hackathon Reports

Ben Galewsky talks about making progress integrating Box with NCSA's Brown Dog during the Box Community Summit Hackathon Teams from Indiana University and…

From  Isaac Galvan on 07/25/2018 19 plays 0  

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks by Isaac J. Galvan (UIUC) and Andrew Keating (Box)

From  Isaac Galvan on 07/2/2018 5 plays 0  

2017 Research Live! 1st Place: Laura Adamovicz - Turtles in Trouble

"Applications of Health Assessment for Conservation" (Comparative Biosciences) #ResearchLIVE #2017ResearchLIVE #UniversityofILLINOIS Laura is a long-term lover of all things scaly…

From  Annie Feldmeier Adams on 01/19/2018 220 plays 0  

Editing a Document in Box

I don't show the entire screen...but you will see the document open and saved as you move through the steps. Just be a little patient. If for some reason you can't edit the…

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