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DSTL Third Workshop, Core Design

Zoom Recording ID: 89128217393 UUID: Z7Be2YU9SbqBHrOhOJnWUQ== Meeting Time: 2023-02-08 07:27:41pmGMT

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EXT Comms Gathering and Writing Stories for Unit Annual Reports

Learn strategies for organizing content and writing stories for the annual reports.

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EXT Comms: Understanding What Makes People Take Action

We'll explore how people make "purchasing" decisions. There are two basic reasons people fail to act, according to Annie Niemand, research director for the University of…

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Storytelling: From Story Time to Epistemological Disconnects, Kate McDowell CCB75 3_3

Lecture for the 75th Anniversary of the CCB

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Storytelling Your Career

Storytelling your career introduces storytelling tools that anyone can use to think about and improve resumes, cover letters, interviews and more. These workshops were presented from 2017-2019, in…

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Data Storytelling for the Public Library Association, Kate McDowell, 22feb22

Excerpt of the webinar "Data Storytelling: Advocating for the Library and Community." For access to the full session, log in or create a free account on the American Library Association…

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iConference Storytelling and Qualitative Information Research-McDowell 28feb22

Promo: Join storytelling expert Dr. Kate McDowell from the University of Illinois for a hands-on exploration of information storytelling and related qualitative research methods to address issues…

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EXT Comms: Nurture the Customer You Worked so Hard to Get

Every customer, client, partner takes the same Journey. Very few skip steps. It begins with Curiosity. Curiosity is a snap judgment. It’s like sorting your daily mail; you make an immediate…

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EXT Comms: How to Get People to Read to the End of Your Blog

I dreamed of being a famous author. My dream comes true every day as I tell the Illinois Extension story, or so I thought. Now I wonder if anyone reads my stuff. This is the problem: People…

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A Saga of Your Very Own: Digital Storytelling with Twine | May 5, 2021

In this workshop, participants used Twine, a user-friendly but robust hypertext storyboarding-cum-game-design tool, to create digital narratives in the vein of early Choose Your Own Adventure-style…

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Storytelling Creates Connections for Students

Kim Sheahan, Assistant Director of Education, Spurlock Museum.

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Adaptive Narration Technique in Online Teaching - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Sebastian Kelle, CSAdaptive Narration Technique (ANT) is a technologically enhanced pedagogical teaching model that aims at fostering self-directed learning processes in online education. We follow…

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Saturday Story Video Recording - Sat May 02 2020 09:17:09 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

A story about slow fear

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Video Recording - Sat Apr 25 2020 11:35:18 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

One of the Saturday Stories series for pandemic times

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2019 Storytelling Festival (audio only)

(2019 marked the 16th Annual Storytelling Festival, which then went on hiatus for spring 2020-2022 due to Covid)The Center for Children’s Books (CCB) will host the 2019 Storytelling Festival,…

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iSchool Faculty Research Profiles: Associate Professor Kate McDowell

iSchool Faculty Research Profiles: Associate Professor Kate McDowell discusses the importance of utilizing storytelling strategies when presenting data. Learn more at:

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4 Secrets to Digital Storytelling for Social Media Success

(Note: Video begins at 35 seconds in.) Want to become inspired as a “Social Media Storyteller” to share feel-good stories about University faculty and students? Founder and social media…

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First Half: Easier and Harder: personal stories edition

Video for LIS409LE

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