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AI for Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way that we write and research. But how can we use it ethically and effectively for social science and digital humanities projects? In this hands-on…

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Using Computers to Analyze and Compare Text in Translation

What are some ways to identify minute differences between multiple translations of the same text? How might DH tools aid in analysis of literature in translation? This workshop explores some of the…

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Integration testing with Robot Framework

Nuts and Bolts is a periodic, informal, and optional project demo / show and tell / cross training session of the Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity (IPC) unit of Technology Services at Illinois.

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A Gentle Introduction to Images, AI, and Copyright (September 2023)

The latest version of this workshop is on the "AI in the Arts and Humanities" playlist. You've asked an AI generator to create a cat portrait in the style of Picasso, now what?…

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A Gentle Introduction to ChatGPT (September 2023)

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way that we write and research. But how do tools like ChatGPT work? And how can we use them effectively and ethically in our scholarship? In this…

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A Gentle Introduction to the Digital Humanities

Digital tools have already transformed the way we research and write. This workshop will help you explore your research interests through digital approaches to cultural heritage materials.…

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10 reasons why Airtable is your MVC—Most Valuable Coworker

Whether you’re drafting social media content for approval from your team or building out an end-of-year report, Airtable can help organize projects from creation to completion. In this…

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Caffeine Break: Bryan Jonker, Automated Testing with Backstop.js - Friday, October 7, 2022

Bryan says: Backstop.js is a tool used to run visual regression tests – you want to make sure you aren’t breaking anything by “that simple change that won’t affect anything…

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