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January Web Con Workshop: WIGG Analytics Group: Building Skill Sharing Community On-Campus

To join the WIGG Analytics Teams channel and read more about them visit:

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Privacy, Analytics & Web Development

Description: Developing beautiful and easy to use websites and mobile applications oftentimes requires iterative development based upon user engagement and feedback. Additionally, some…

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Accessible Chat and Communications Platforms

Keith Wessel, Technology Services; Dena Strong, Tech Services (Slide deck available under "Attachments") (Captions were autogenerated by Mediaspace. Updates from and human review…

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Google Meet accessibility demo

Like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Google Meet is one of the more accessible video conferencing tools out there - but that doesn't mean it's without some eccentricities. Keith Wessel…

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I24 International News Guest Appearance on Clear Cut News Program and Segment on G-7 and Extremists

I was asked to speak on the latest decision by G7 to take steps to deter the spread of Extremist messages via the Internet and Social Media and the challenges that will have to be addressed. October…

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