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Navigating Organizational Culture

This video introduces the concept of organizational culture, providing useful frameworks for considering the characteristics of work environments that are important to you. (Created by LAS Career…

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ACE Excerpt: Average Daily Temperature 2000 & 2100

Visualization of Average daily temperature comparison from 2000 to 2100 from climate simulation models created by Susan Bates and team at NCAR, computed on NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer and…

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Creating a Safe and Welcoming Environment

There a many important factors to consider when creating a safe and welcoming environment for your learning community. Emily Knox breaks things down for us with some very helpful strategies.

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Energy and Global Environmental Change

Title: Energy and Global Environmental Change Speaker: John McNeill Professor of Global History, Georgetown University Sponsor: Center for Global Studies Lecture Series: Global Studies Lecture…

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The Future of Energy Use in the US and the World

"The Future of Energy Use in the US and the World" Professor David N Ruzic Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois

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Smart Grid: Key to a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

Abstract: Deepak Divan talks about how energy problems might be addressed with new transmission technologies. Title: Smart Grid: Key to a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Speaker: Deepak Divan …

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Teach-In for Global Warming

Teach-In for Global Climate Change Speaker(s): Andrew Leakey, Michael Schlesinger, William C. Sullivan Organization: Center for Global Studies, ETSI

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Sustainability Training at the University of Illinois

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about sustainability at the University of Illinois! This video provides an overview of sustainability efforts at the University of Illinois, an…

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Using Eye Tracking to Study Infant Behavior

Researchers at the Children's Environmental Health Research Center at Illinois use infrared eye tracking to determine if chemicals are negatively impacting children's cognitive development.…

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Armando Sanchez-Monsivais WS.V2

Armando Sanchez-Monsivais describes his experience working with U of I WebStore.

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