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Hurricane Katrina Interactive Previsualization & Final Rendering

A brief look at Bob Patterson working with Virtual Director & Partiview to create camera paths within the Hurricane Katrina data set for the fulldome show, Dynamic Earth

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AVL-Adler Planetarium Networked Virtual Collaboration

A short video created for Chicago Ideas Week showing a collaboration between NCSA's Advanced Visualization Lab and the Adler Planetarium. The two groups collaborated over the network using…

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Landscape Dynamics of Yellowstone National Park - Role of Fire 1690 to 1990

These images were created from actual data collected in Yellowstone Park. These images represent each year from 1735 to 2090 we had a simulation code project into the future starting in 1989,…

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Maximally Sliced Schwarzchild Spacetime & Geodesically Sliced Schwarzchild Spacetime Investigators: David Hobill, David Bernstein, Larry Smarr Visual Research Artist: Donna Cox Visual Research…

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Visualizing Black Hole Spacetimes_92

Visualization: Mark Bajuk Investigators: Peter Anninos, David Bernstein, David Hobill, Edward Seidel, Larry Smarr, NCSA No audio created 7/1/92

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Numerical Simulation of 3D Grazing Black Hole Collision v2

Visualization of black holes created by Werner Benger & AEI Potsdam, NCSA, Washington U, ZIB visualization teams

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The Evolution of Distorted Black Holes

Visualization of distorted black holes created by NCSA

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The Collision of Two Black Holes

Visualization of colliding black holes created by NCSA

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