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Mayo-Illinois Alliance

Two world-class institutions are changing lives through innovative research activities, unique education programs, and shared passion and values. This video was created to open the festivities…

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Study of a Numerically Modeled Severe Storm

The understanding of severe storms begins with observations of their behavior. Numerical models of thunderstorms can be used to compliment this understanding. These models consist of mathematical…

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NCSA RealTime #6

This episode originally aired in July, 1993. Features include: a showcase, "The Path of Least Resistance," "Renaissance Renewed" and "Ripples from the Chasm."

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NCSA RealTime #5

This episode originally aired in October 1992. -Back to the Beginning: Recent galaxy maps show the universe to be distinctly "lumpy," with huge "walls" of galaxies straddling vast…

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Blue Waters

A short documentary about the Blue Waters project, which will build the world's first sustained petascale computational system dedicated to open scientific research. The project will include…

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