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Managing Site Navigation in Omeka S

In the final Omeka S tutorial, you learn how to manage the navigation options that users will have on your site, including the page order and menus.

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Creating a Page and Adding a Page Block in Omeka S

In the fifth Omeka S tutorial, you learn how to make a page using some of the content you have created through previous tutorials.

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Creating Resource Templates in Omeka S

In the fourth Omeka S tutorial, you learn how to create what Omeka S calls "Resource Templates," or predefined metadata requirements for groups of items that are all the same type.

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Creating Item Sets and Adding Items to Them in Omeka S

In the third Omeka S tutorial, you learn how to create group of items called "item sets" in Omeka S, which help group content for your readers.

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Creating Items and Adding Media in Omeka S

In the second Omeka S tutorial, you lean how to create items with media files and related information (metadata).

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Creating a Site and Selecting a Theme in Omeka S

The first tutorial on Omeka S leads you through the process of setting up your initial site, which you will then fill out with content in later tutorials.

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Omeka S for the Library Virtual Open House | 09/15/2021

In this virtual open house, Spencer Keralis and Alex Dryden share a brief presentation with information on Omeka S and some of the features that were developed over the past year, and there will be…

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