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Applying CIS security benchmarks using Powershell DSC

Nuts and Bolts is a periodic, informal, and optional project demo / show and tell / cross training session of the Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity (IPC) unit of Technology Services at Illinois.

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PowerShell User Group Q&A - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Michael Kletz, Privacy and Security; Dominic Pickert, IT Partners at GiesCome learn about the campus PowerShell user group and PowerShell in general. Technical & group related questions both…

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Securing Windows with PowerShell DSC - Fall 2020 IT Pro Forum

Michael Kletz, Privacy and Security; Tamara Buch, Privacy and Security (Slides are available in the Attachments tab.)(Captions were autogenerated by Mediaspace. Updates from and human review…

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1D - Learn Powershell - Michael Cervone, Spring 2020 IT Pro Forum

Are you curious about PowerShell scripting, but haven't had the time or opportunity to help you get started? Join us for a session on the basics of PowerShell scripting. We'll examine…

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Caffeine Break Mike Cervone and PowerShell Core - Friday, March 15, 2019

This week Mike Cervone tells us about PowerShell Core. PowerShell Core is open-source and is available for use on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also a scripting engine for both Azure and…

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