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Class Recording: Database Design and Management (BADM 352 A) Spring 2023

3:30 PM Monday, January 23, 2023

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E6 - New Frontiers for Networks Near You - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

The Networking team at Technology Services will provide updates on changes in progress to the Urbana campus network. This will include updates on the core refresh equipment installation and the WiFi…

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F6 - Third Party Risk Management at the University of Illinois - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

A successful information security program is built on the bedrock of risk management. One major area of digital risk comes from the University's relationship with third parties. Digital risk…

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G6 - Connecting People & Technology: ITPF SP23 - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

UC2B envisions a community where every person has equal access to technology and support. To do this, we need to unite people, organizations and technology to build an advanced and inclusive future…

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G5 - Email Security 101 - An overview of the Email Flow and Protections: ITPF SP23 - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

This presentation will be covering the basics of Email Security 101 and how does email get to your inbox and what protections are there? We will be walking customers through the mail flow of when you…

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E5 - Women in Technology - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

The WIT Leadership team will facilitate an open discussion about the Women in Technology Group (WIT), which provides a forum for discussing issues facing women in IT in general and on campus,…

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G4 - Azure API Gateway: ITPF SP23 - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

This cross-functional team worked together to build an Azure API Gateway to allow units to access important Facilities-owned data. Learn more about this effort and what it might mean to other IT…

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F4 - PaperCut Overview and Updates - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

We'll discuss what the PaperCut service offers departments, the most common ways our units are using it now, and some of the billing options available. After the overview we'll talk about…

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E3 - What's Up with WIGG - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group (WIGG) has been working collaboratively for the last few years to facilitate and promote consistent website design templates for the Illinois Campus. Hear how…

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F3 - Pretty TDX Ticket Metrics Using Splunk Dashboards - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Learn how to create beautiful charts and graphs from your TDX Ticket data using Splunk dashboards. We will use a combination of TDX Ticket Reports, the TDX API, and Splunk to create a colorful,…

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G3 - AWS GovCloud: ITPF SP23 - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Account provisioning for AWS GovCloud. Ken Taylor, Office of the CIO Use of AWS GovCloud Track Software, Development and DevOps

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F2 - TDX 101 - Getting to Know TeamDynamix - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Wondering what all the fuss is about TeamDynamix? Using TDX but wish you knew more? Curious about how other units use TDX? This is the session for you! Four IT Pros will share the basics of the…

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G2 - Microsoft Teams Ambassadors Group Panel Discussion: ITPF SP23 - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Join a panel discussion of Teams Ambassadors and technical support leads on the campus migration to Microsoft Teams. Eric Frahm, Technology Services; Matt McNeilly, TS IT Service…

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E2 - Wiki Retirement Status Update - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Since the announcement of the Illinois Wiki retirement in March, we've all learned some things about our use cases, our alternative platforms, and our methods of getting information into other…

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F1 - Breaking New Ground in Privacy - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Zoom Recording ID: 83665812134 UUID: beyj6P0uR+eee3FOy4Jq2w== Meeting Time: 2023-06-07 01:41:39pmGMT

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E1 - Easy-Up Conference and Research Team Websites with - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

While the process of creating a namespace takes about 5 minutes, the process of getting a website built from scratch takes more time and effort, and not all our customers are…

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G1 - CFOP Management: IT Pro Forum Spring 2023 - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Project demonstrates how to use TDX and AWS to help manage CFOP values associated with AWS accounts. This system shows how a self-service utility can help achieve operational excellence. Ken Taylor,…

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A4 - Befriending Generative AI - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

ChatGPT and other generative AIs are a hot topic right now. While caution is certainly warranted, Pandora's box is already open. Let's build a community of practice around fostering…

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B5 - EDUCAUSE & You: Unlocking Your Membership - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Not everyone knows about University of Illinois's membership with EDUCAUSE, and I'm here to spread the word as UIUC's EDUCAUSE Ambassador! This session will give an overview of the…

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D4 - Crack the Code to Cybersecurity: An Engaging Escape Room Experience - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Join the Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Team for an interactive escape room experience. This event is perfect for anyone who wants to review cybersecurity best practices and test their…

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B4 - Top 10 Things IT Needs to Know About Operational Technology (OT) - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Operational Technology (OT) refers to systems used to monitor events, processes, and devices, and to make adjustments in industrial operations. As these systems and networks converge with enterprise…

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D1- Data Discovery with the ATLAS Data Services Center - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

The ATLAS Data Services Center application (DSC) provides a single service point for a wide range of data requests and is available to all members of the campus community. IT professionals may…

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C3 - Grading Online: Challenges and Strategies - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

The Assignments tool in Canvas enables teachers collect and grade homework online, but are teachers making the best use of this tool, and more importantly, their precious time? IT Professionals…

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D3 - Metta Meditation or LKM: An Exercise in Empathy - Spring 2023 IT Pro Forum

Join us for a brief presentation on the benefits of empathy in the workplace and in service/support delivery, a guided Metta mediation exercise, self-reflection, and brief discussion. Bobbi Hardy,…

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