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Integration testing with Robot Framework

Nuts and Bolts is a periodic, informal, and optional project demo / show and tell / cross training session of the Identity, Privacy, and Cybersecurity (IPC) unit of Technology Services at Illinois.

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Caffeine Break: Bryan Jonker, Automated Testing with Backstop.js - Friday, October 7, 2022

Bryan says: Backstop.js is a tool used to run visual regression tests – you want to make sure you aren’t breaking anything by “that simple change that won’t affect anything…

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How to Schedule an Exam Using the TAC App

This walkthrough shows you step-by-step how to use the DRES Testing Accommodation Center's self-service app to schedule your exams. Still have questions after watching? You can reach out to TAC…

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1B - Mobile Integration Testing with Robot Framework - Spring 2021 IT Pro Forum

Presented by: Priya Ravi, Technology Services; Michelle Pitcel, Technology Services; Edward Delaporte, Technology ServicesRobot Framework is an open-source framework that is utilized for automation…

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STAT425: A/B testing

In this video we give a brief introduction of A/B testing

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STAT425: Multiple Linear Regression (Part 3) (1 of 2)

In this video we talk about hypothesis testing in MLR, the F-test and the ANOVA table and how to do nested model comparisons.

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Soil Testing Demonstrations, 1968 - Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Videotape File (Digital Surrogates), Series 8/1/59

Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Videotape File (Digital Surrogates), Series 8/1/59 Soil Testing Demonstrations, 1968 Digitized film of various soil testing techniques including…

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Jose Vazquez - Experiments with Closed Assessments

Professor Jose Vazquez discusses some of the results from research he has conducted in an economics class using different forms of closed assessments.

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Can Computer Based Testing Facilities work in LAS?

Professor Mathew West discussed Computer Based Testing Facilities (CBTFs) in more detail, and takes questions from the audience.

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Mathew West - Computer Based Testing Facilities

Professor Mathew West introduces the College of Engineering's Computer Based Testing Facility (CBTF), and how it has improved undergraduate assessment

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