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Meeting 13.2: Topological quantum computing and 3-manifold invariants

We spell out the precise relation between 3-manifold/knot invariants and the model of topological quantum computing discussed in the previous several meetings.

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Meeting 11.2: Topological quantum computing III

We discuss extended (2+1)-dimensional TQFTs, and show how the structure of an extended TQFT allows us to localize the state spaces of surfaces by cutting them up into subsurfaces.

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Meeting 10.2: Topological quantum computing I

Continuing to follow Kitaev, we consider the toric code as the ground state space of a Hamiltonian constructed from the vertex and plaquette operators. The other eigenspaces of this Hamiltonian are…

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Meeting 10.1: From TQFT to TQC, Part 1

I begin a probably-too-zoomed-out overview of the historical development of ideas that begin with topological quantum field theory (TQFT) and lead to topological quantum computation (TQC). A list of…

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