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Examind Virtual Tour

This video is created to introduce Examind to instructors and learning designers. To access the Examind DIY Manual, go to: Examind Assessment DIY Guide.docx | Powered by Box.

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September Web Con Workshop: Integrating AI and ChatGPT Ethically

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT affect our lives and our work. We are hosting a discussion with four panelists in different departments on-campus—from Gies…

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A Gentle Introduction to ChatGPT (September 2023)

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way that we write and research. But how do tools like ChatGPT work? And how can we use them effectively and ethically in our scholarship? In this…

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Demonstrations of Research on Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT

We invite you to respond to this video from the Research Demo Panel Event Page. This panel, the second in our ChatGPT Research series, was organized to offer our audiences the opportunity to hear…

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Impact of ChatGPT on the Research of Teaching & Learning.mp4

We invite you to respond to this video from the Panel Event Page. The College of Education organized this panel to discuss recent progress in ChatGPT, particularly how it impacts the research of…

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Artificial Intelligence: Implications on Teaching & Learning

With the meteoric rise of generative AI like ChatGPT going mainstream, what are the implications for teaching and learning in higher education? We’ve put together a diverse group of campus…

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